The Fragile Thread of Friendship

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I recently lost a friendship. Ambiguity, and perhaps understanding running dry, wore out the thread binding two people together, and a relationship carefully nurtured over the years snapped apart.

I let it go too. Was I relieved to see it end or was I too tired to give anymore? I am still unsure.

The end of this friendship has made me look at this relationship in new light though.

Friends are the family we choose. Friendship is a relationship where we can be ourselves and say exactly what we feel, without the fear of being judged. Friendship should be a relationship where we accept and are accepted without terms and conditions. Click To Tweet

Is that what makes us take this relationship too casually or for granted sometimes? Do we forget that we first have to give before we receive? That we have to genuinely wish for the wellbeing of our friend and be happy with them when it happens. When and if we say we have no expectations we are probably just mouthing the words and somewhere, without us realising, underlying expectations do sneak in?

Underlying expectations, unsaid words and feelings that we fight against are often trapped in between layers of love and laughter, till they start growing rancid, polluting the good and everything else.

The thread of friendship is fragile. It needs years of nurturing and layers of trust and loyalty to turn it into a strong rope that will stand the wear and tear of time and tugs of insecurity.

Friendship is never a balanced 50-50 relationship , but it has to be a 100% genuine one. Click To Tweet

If a friendship is beginning to stifle you or tire you out. If it no longer fits just right, like it used to. If to keep it going you are paying with your peace of mind, then it is time to let it go. With gratitude for all that it may have given you and gracefully, just like you lived the friendship.

Friendship should be that invisible thread that keeps two people connected. When it starts getting tangled and knotting up is when one of you needs to let go, before it snaps.

Thank you for suggesting this topic, Manisha

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