No Country for Women

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In a small town near Jammu, 8 year old Asifa was grazing her horses. As the day turned to dusk, the horses returned home, without Asifa. A frantic search by worried parents yielded no results and little Asifa was nowhere to be found.

Asifa turned up a week later, as a battered corpse.

She had been sedated and gang raped, repeatedly.By a Priest, a Police Officer and their friends. 8 grown men in all. Inside a Temple. In front of the deity.

After they were done with her these men strangled her, crushed her head with a rock and threw her body into the forest.


If just reading about it can make us feel sick, imagine Asifa’s Parents state of mind. We can’t even begin to imagine what the little child went through during that one week of torture, even as the Gods in the temple watched mutely.

Even as undercurrents of shock and rage run through the country, the people in power are silent about this incident. So far, there has been no news about the perpetrators being caught and jailed. Infact I read about people supporting them, turning this incident into a communal issue.

When the Nirbhaya incident occurred there was a similar wave of rage. Our law gave us hope, by arresting the gang of rapists, and then let us down by releasing the juvenile, citing his age as the reason, even though he was supposedly the most brutal rapist.

You know what is more scary than being eve-teased and being treated inappropriately at home and professionally? The fact that we women have accepted it as part of our life. Click To Tweet

What is this country coming to?

At an age where children should be discovering the world, they are being taught to differentiate between ‘good touch and bad touch’.

Schools are not safe anymore. Nor are homes and neighbourhoods.

No age is safe anymore either. You could be 2 months old or 80 years old, if you are a female you can be raped.

Are our lives worth nothing, is what we women in India ask ourselves often. Click To Tweet

Why do men commit these atrocities?

Because they can.

Because they know that if their ‘connections’ don’t get them out, our lax law will.  Because none of them face the consequences of the dastardly acts they commit. Because seeing these perverts/paedophiles/criminals get away with the crimes they commit makes other men with similar mind sets hopeful, of committing the act and getting away with it.

And they do.

It is time our Country wakes up and starts a change. It is time we women are valued and given our due, whether it is respect or justice. Click To Tweet

Name the perpetrators, splash their faces across the media. Shame them and shame their families. Let justice be swift and severe, so that there are no more Asifa’s whom we read about and regret not helping.

If our Law isn’t working, as it obviously isn’t, and the people in power are incapable of taking decisions they should be taking, isn’t it time to introduce Capital Punishment?

For if things don’t change fast then Mob Justice could become the order of the day.

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