Summer Soliloquy

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Skin a burnished copper, flaming ochre mane;The white heat of a smile, cornflower blue eyes blaze

Flaming orbs in her ears,flowers in her hair; Now there’s no escaping her sweltering stare

Temperatures soar with every step ;She’s so hot, she makes you sweat

Leaves you parched, you barely murmur;Welcome her ,here comes summer

I have always associated Summer with childhood.

I feel lucky to have grown up in the times when holidays meant holidays, and not days packed with back to back classes.

Summer holidays meant our days were our own. Having bathed and ready by 9 in the morning we began yelling out to friends living around us.


As our motley bunch gathered we chose our spot for the day. The shade under the car park, under the water tank on the terrace or the shaded balconies were our favourite haunts. Making a tent out of bed sheets we played house-house for hours. Reading as the day slipped away was another activity we loved indulging in. Chilled slices of Watermelon and Mangoes and cool Cucumber, Chutney and Cheese Sandwiches were sent out to us periodically which we happily ate in lieu of lunch, and washed down with Nimbu Paani.

Some evenings saw us making Rasna out of a packet, and making a huge mess while doing so. Yelling fell on deaf ears and we glugged back glasses of the beverage so popular in those days.

As the sunshine turned less fierce we headed to the swing in the lawn, a big swing with fuchsia Bougainvillea growing in a graceful bough above it. Who could push the hardest, who could go the highest and who would yell the loudest while doing both were ongoing competitions. Bumps on the heads and scraped elbows and knees from the fall from the swig were worn as proud badges.

Cousins staying with us adding to the numbers and fun, Sundays spent at the beach and playing Hopscotch till the sun set are some favourite memories.

Playing Hopscotch

A bath and an early dinner and we drifted off to dreamland, a smile on our lips at a wonderful day spent and dreaming of another one to follow. Another day being allowed to be children even as we dreamt of growing up soon.

Special thanks to Anagha Yatin for suggesting this topic. Read her straight from the heart posts here

All Pics Courtesy: Pixabay

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  1. Oh Mayuri this is so beautiful, yes our childhood days were much merrier and childish than today’s generation. We had fun and real frolic. I remember playing out with friends under peepal tree and later in evening nonchalantly talking about ghosts & spirits come on that tree.
    Morning extravaganza of collecting colourful flowers from park and than comparing who got the rainbow of colours.
    Lovely memories and love the poem.

    1. Love your memories, Dipika. Thanks for sharing, and reading mine:)

  2. You took me down the memory lane with this post, M! Holidays were indeed holidays. Our parents never bothered about ‘keeping’ us busy. We found our own things to do!

    1. So true, Varsha! Thanks for stopping by!:)

  3. You took me back in time. Summers meant chuti and rains school. That precious time and carefree memories was the best time.

    1. Happy I could do that, Manisha. Thanks for reading:)

  4. We made Rasana and mess too! Lovely juicy memories, full of sunshine not only in the atmosphere but also in hearts. A refreshing take, Mayuri!
    And I am overwhelmed by your kind gestures. Thank you so much!

    1. So glad you suggested this topic, Anagha. I refreshed my summer memories too. Thank you:)

  5. Mayuri Nidigallu deepa

    hopscotch one of the favorite childhood memories. along side, you also made me carve for sandwiches and nimbu paani. rekindled the memories!

    1. Thank you for reading, Deepa:)

  6. This post made me nostalgic. Summers meant holidays which I always associated with going to Naani ka Ghar. It was never about any classes or any summer camps but now it has all changed as technology took over everything. Lovely post.

    1. Thanks for reading, Deepa.

  7. Did you write about my childhood, because it was exactly the same. I used to play ghar-ghar for hours together, it started with pretend cooking etc and then with food from everyone’s home to later we cooking very small batches of things on a makeshift chulha of bricks. Making rasna, eating guavas and kairis from trees, playing monopoly or other board games or Name-Place-Thing…. we had so many innovative ways of keeping ourselves engaged from morn to night. Have some very fond memories of the summer holidays. Sadly, our children know no such things.

  8. Beautiful memories,Shilpa! Those were truly the days!:)

  9. Our childhood was far different Mauri. Apart from just playing through the days, it indeed was marked by the absence of those odd and crazy classes. Plus there seldom was the influence of an electronic media, spare the televesion. Even watching TV was limit to the few hours in the evening or on Sundays, when there actually would be something worth .
    Summer was such, blissful just playing and eating wholseome season related food.

    1. Oh yes!We didn’t even remember the tv, or want to have anything to do with it! The good old days!:)

  10. Feel nostalgic, reading this beautiful post. Captures the 90s summer holidays feel perfectly …


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  12. After reading your post, I remembered my summer holidays!! Wonderful share.

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