3 Funny Habits You’re Thankful For #ThankfulThursdays #Week34


Habits! We all have them! Good ones, like brushing our teeth before bedtime. Bad ones, eating too many sweets, and funny ones. Knowing, or talking about, good and bad habits is so boring! Which is why our prompt for this fortnight is;


3 Funny Habits You’re Thankful For;


I read the ends of all books first: Yes, I do! My curiosity and impatience do not permit me to wait till I reach the end of a book, which is why I wisely read the end first! Curiosity killed the cat, and satisfaction bought him back! Yes, Sir! So after I know what is going to happen in the end I get back to reading the book.

I am a Google Girl: I Google everything. Yes, everything. Even ‘How do I tie a ponytail without getting a headache’ I get a headache when I tie a Ponytail, ok! Also, I have learnt to cook because I google key words for recipes. So there! Why ask anyone else when Google has all the answers?

I order, and mostly eat, dessert first: I find meals boring. Really. Until and unless there is cheese involved. So I make mealtimes exciting by eating,  and ordering if we are eating out, dessert first. Boring meal times become interesting and I am a happy bunny.

So these are my funny habits that I am Thankful for. Share yours?


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5 thoughts on “3 Funny Habits You’re Thankful For #ThankfulThursdays #Week34

  1. Eat dessert first?
    That’s a great habit.Why eat other stuff when there’s dessert?I go to the dessert section of all buffets pile up my plate and then choose a few savory dishes to punctuate the sweetness.

  2. Wow read the end first. I wonder how you manage to stay hooked to the book till then end then. I would give up, really! But that’s quite a quirk I must say.
    Desserts first now that’s my kind of girl, though I haven’t find that but would love to.

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