My Words are my Treasure #WriteTribe #writebravely

A treasure is something precious. Or something cherished that you hold dear.

A true treasure is also something that should be yours to keep, something that no one could take away from you.

If I sweep a glance over the things I have that I may consider as treasures so far, I realise that everything I think as precious to me is only just so. The things that I think of as treasures have a shelf life or stay precious only until I consider them to be.

So, what would be the one thing I would consider to be a true treasure? After much thought I concluded that it would have to be my,


My words are a gift. The most precious gift I have and I am grateful for.


Knowledge, wisdom and learning have been tools that have helped, and continue helping, me hone my gift of words along the way.

I am a wordsmith, hammering away at my words to mould them into the shape I wish them to take. Sometimes I shape a shield, to protect myself from the harsh realities of life and others thoughts. Other times I shape them into a weapon, to defend myself and my beliefs. While still others are shaped into a container, to hold the gush of thoughts that pour out from my heart, to quench the thirst of others.

I am a word weaver, deftly picking out the right words to weave a blanket of warmth, to comfort me when life blows bitter cold winds my way. A blanket of words that help keep out the harsh sun of the thoughts of others that beat down on me.

My words are my treasure that grows richer when I share it with the world. The more I share the more my treasure grows.


Linking up with the Write Tribe Festival Of Words for the Day 1 Prompt: Write about a treasure you have.

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