The Band #FridayFotoFiction #Week5

People had patiently waited for their first live performance. The tickets for which were sold out as soon as the counters opened and sites went live. Loyal fans, and some curious ones, traveled cities, and some even hopped countries to watch them. There was pin drop silence as they stepped onto the stage and the strobe… Continue reading The Band #FridayFotoFiction #Week5


#FridayFotoFiction #Week5

Pic Courtesy: Saumy Nagayach How to participate in #FridayFotoFiction Every Thursday we’ll give you a photo prompt Follow @twinklingtina & @Mayuri6 on Twitter and wait for the prompt Write a 100 Word story relevant to the photo prompt Use the badge at the end of your posts Link up with Tina or Mayuri Read, comment, share on host and co-hosts posts and… Continue reading #FridayFotoFiction #Week5


3 Gadgets I am thankful for #ThankfulThursdays

  3 Gadgets I am thankful for Mobile Phone: It is literally my lifeline, and I am sure I’m not the only one who has thought so! My mobile phone keeps me connected to friends and family all over the world, it doubles up as my calendar, calculator, navigator, torch, alarm, reminder and more! Water Filter: How… Continue reading 3 Gadgets I am thankful for #ThankfulThursdays


My all-time Favorite Film, and why : #TadkaTuesday

  Pic Courtesy: Google A few years ago on a boring Sunday afternoon as I was idly changing television channels, the title of a film ‘The Green Mile’ caught my eye, and since it was going to be telecast in the next 10 minutes I decided to watch it. The Green Mile is a story… Continue reading My all-time Favorite Film, and why : #TadkaTuesday


You’re worth it #MayTivation

When you don’t know or realise your value there will be times when people will undermine your worth or even tell you that you’re worth nothing. And because you are unaware of your worth you might also believe them. The cycle of second guessing yourself, your actions, choices and behaviour starts, makes you lose confidence… Continue reading You’re worth it #MayTivation