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Today I bought myself an Ink Pen

Today I bought myself an Ink Pen.

‘Hero Fountain Pen’ was the pen I last used in school. I remember the slim capsule like shape, with the body in colours like dark blue, black, maroon and green and a common golden cap for all. It made its slight weight felt when held. The joy was buying an ‘ink bottle’ as an accompaniment. Along with a sheet of a lurid pink ‘blotting paper’ to soak up the ink stains, if at all.

As I opened my newly purchased pen package I marvelled at the changes I noticed. As compared to the Hero, the pen I bought today is sleek and hardly weighs anything. No more ‘ink bottle’ to go with it either. This one had a pre filled ink cartridge that just needed to be attached.


Yeh pen leak toh nahin hoga na, Bhaiyaa?’ I found myself asking, a habit from all those years ago when we shopped for pens for school. The shopkeeper gave me a blank look. His newly sprouting upper lip should have been proof enough that he has never heard of, forget used, leaking pens.

The Ink Pens we used then sometimes leaked and stained the tips of our our thumb and forefinger. Stains we proudly displayed to everyone ready to see. Ink stains that proclaimed that we were no longer ‘babies’, using a pencil to write with, but we had grown up and now used proper pens. Ink Pens.

Writing was certainly a pleasure with the newly acquired ink pens and we couldn’t wait for the teachers to hand us an assignment that required us to write in class. All our concentration was on filling blank pages with inky writing and we strived to write as neat as we could. After the writing was done, the next job was blowing on the paper for the ink to dry, before we turned the page. We didn’t want to smudge our pages, did we now!

School holidays meant cleaning out the school bag and pencil box (Yes, I was born with my OCD) Washing the pens and the refills, wiping them dry with tissue paper so as to not scratch the gleaming exterior (OCD, again) and filling it with fresh ink and setting the pencil box again.

Ink fights, mock and real, that we had by splashing our pure white sports uniform and shoes with ink. (yes, despite the OCD)


Today I bought myself an Ink Pen.

However what I really did was wipe the dust off cherished memories that had faded a little, like old ink, but could still bring a smile to my face.

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