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Have you seen a balloon? How it floats up above you, light and carefree. You need to hold it and pull it down, if you want it to be at the same level as you.

Life, circumstances and people are much the same as this as well, the people who stand head and shoulders above some are most often the ones who are the targets to be pulled down. People who are happier, more successful and more confident are often targeted by people who crave for what they think the others may have, and what they lack.

So why is it that some people float light as a balloon while others cannot? What is it that let’s some people be carefree and light and what it is that weighs other people down?


It is baggage. Emotional Baggage.

What is Emotional Baggage? It is an amalgamation of the feelings you may have about your past and the not so nice things that may have happened to you then, which often causes a negative effect on your behaviour and attitudes.

Each one of us who has reached a certain stage of life has managed to make mistakes and gather regrets, insecurities, anger, resentment and the likes, contributing to our own emotional baggage.

The trick however is to periodically unpack. To discard feelings, thoughts and emotions which are either serving no purpose or those which are harming you instead of helping you. For if you want to move forward you cannot do so while something is holding you back.

The unpacking has to done regularly, and only by you. As only you are the one who has gathered and packed the baggage over the years.

As you move along in life you meet new people and face new experiences. How fair is it to to those people and circumstances if you judging them with old experiences?

It is very unfair, and unfair only to you.

So unpack your emotional baggage and float free like a balloon. Because your emotional baggage only weighs you down.

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  1. I so much loveeed this Mayuri. Written so beautifully, made me scratch my mind for my baggage, I do have some weight over my soul which is stopping me to float like a balloon. Though I am not sure how and when will I be able to release that but I want to, really.

  2. Easier said than done, Mayuri, but it’s something we constantly have to do in order to move forward in life. Emotional baggage can be paralyzing. Sometimes, it’s our inability to speak the truth about our vulnerability and the fact that we were let down, fooled, or used. It needs a lot of emotional strength and a commitment to our own growth.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  3. Well said! I wish it was easier though. The pain of revisiting those memories and experiences is taunting. It takes a lot of strength and courage. It should be done to move forward, as you said.

  4. Letting go is very difficult. Again you are what you are because of what you went through.Take the good and release the bad .This happens but takes a life time .

  5. Lovely post. Truly, we do need to unpack that baggage from time to time. I may have a full set with a steamer trunk by now.

  6. It’s an empowering post on emotional baggage that we have carried and weighed heavily on us. It is odious to live with such baggage and we need to do the ground work so that we are able to chuck them out. Feeling light matters above everything else. Superb post.

  7. ah..wonderful!! We must give ourselves permission to move forward, to forget & live, laugh & love again 🙂

  8. Yes, those emotional baggages are what weigh us down from flying to places. Personally, I vent out my frustrations to friends or to my brother, or write it down and get it out of my system. Because I had known the weight of these baggages and they’re really heavy. Like you said, there are people actually lots of people who could keep on adding extra baggage on to our shoulder and it’s our responsibility to unpack them regularly.

    Wonderful Post.

  9. Beautiful words Mayuri. So true in life. I missed reading this on Monday.

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