Always late for work? These appliances are just for you

Cooking can be a taxing job, especially for people who have a nine to five job. It has become more of a mundane chore for people who can hardly dedicate any time to cook their favorite meals. As the need of the hour is to maintain a balance between work and home, it has become imperative for people to figure out ways to keep that equilibrium.

Today, when it comes to cooking, there are a plethora of appliances that can assist you and let you maintain your work life. Cooking with these appliances will boost your pace and cut down on time remarkably. If you are a working parent, or if you live alone, these appliances are designed to help you save time, and make cookery a breeze.



A grinder and blender is an essential appliance for every kitchen. It is the most useful and nothing short of a powerhouse for the kitchen. Like every other appliance, even grinders and blenders are different. For instance, KENT Grinder and Blender can make a plethora of things, and additionally save you valuable time. You can make food items such as ice-creams, batter, soups, condiments, powdered items and more. With KENT Grinder and Blender, all this can be down under minutes. The appliance also comes with a heating option which helps you prepare soup and porridge in the same jar. Never be late to the office again!

Atta Maker
Chapatis, parathas, pooris and more types of flatbreads are a staple diet across India, and cooking them can be a task, especially for people who are short on time. If you are always running late for work because the chapattis take much time, Atta Maker is what you should bring home. A perfect appliance for a modern kitchen designed for the urbanites, it eases the process of kneading dough and cuts down on time spent in the kitchen.

Chilla and Dosa Maker
If South Indian food is more palatable to you, it is time to bring home a chill and dosa maker. Since, mornings before work are often rushed, with a chilla and dosa maker you can enjoy your favorite food items, and that too in time. Even if you are not a fan of South Indian food, you can make crepes and omelets for breakfast!

Microwave Oven
The microwave oven is one of necessary kitchen appliances. It can be used for cooking a plethora of food items and has a multipurpose use. One can heat food, make finger food, defrost meat, and make packaged food quickly. It also retains nutrients and vitamins in the food and is completely safe for the health. You can even boil potatoes using a microwave over in under a couple of minutes. The next time you are running late for work, make sure you utilize the microwave for a faster and cleaner cook (it uses less oil too!).

Rice Cooker
Rice is a powerhouse of nutrients and contains enormous amounts of carbohydrates and starch. As rice is another staple food in India, many people around the country eat them for lunch and dinner. With just one touch, a rice cooker will cook or steam delicious rice for you. You can even steam vegetables, Dalia, soup, and momos with a rice cooker, so it is not limited to just rice.

Our kitchens are more equipped than they ever were before and it goes without saying that technological advancements have eased the process further. It can be hectic for a working professional to balance all aspects of life. Cooking can be difficult to manage, especially when you have to wake up early and show up at work. However, with these appliances, you can effortlessly make cooking easier. If you are missing any of these appliances, make sure to gear up and make cooking a cakewalk again.

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