#BookReview: Picky Eaters ? Guaranteed Hacks to make you happy – Dr Amrita Basu and Dr Abhijit Misra #BlogchatterEbook

Children are a joy, I’m sure every parent will agree to that. However, children also tend to test your patience, and I’m sure every parent will agree to that too.

As they grow up children develop habits which could be a boon or a bane, depending on the habit. If your child is a picky eater, it is most definitely a bane.

A child who is a picky eater is a big worry to the family. Why isn’t she/he eating? How will she/he get the nutrition required to grow? Why does she/he eat only unhealthy food? Is my home-cooked food not palatable? What should I do? These are just some of the questions that give parents of a picky eater child sleepless nights.


When worried parents have all these questions, who better to answer them than a doctor couple themselves. Meet, Dr Dr.Amrita Basu an ENT surgeon and Dr Abhijit Misra, a Pediatrician with 10 years of experience and a teacher in a Medical College. Besides being accomplished doctors in their respective fields they are also parents to a 5 year old baby girl who is the apple of their eye.

Together Dr Amrita and Dr Abhijit have combined years of medical, and personal, experience to come up with this book that could truly help parents feed their child and feed their child right.

The book starts with a shocking revelation that if the child is a picky eater the mother is to blame. Yes, what a pregnant woman eats during the course of her pregnancy could be a contributing factor if the child is a picky eater.

The chapters that follow are neatly divided into;

Pointing out the issue.

When you need to worry.

When you don’t need to worry

I personally like how Dr Amrita and Dr Abhijit have chosen to end the book, with easy to follow and helpful tips for parents starting new food and tips for making a pre-schooler eat right.

All parents could benefit from reading this book, whether your child is a picky eater, or not. You could download the book for free here. Hurry as the offer is available only for a limited time.

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