Things that don’t move forward should be left behind #MayTivation

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While cleaning my book shelf I chanced upon an old list in one of my books. Though there was no date on the paper, it had yellowed considerably giving me an idea that the list was a decade old, if not more. 

On that paper I had listed out the things I wanted to do in the next one year. As my eyes ran down the list I realised I had done a few of them, had outgrown a few others and the remaining sounded naïve to me now.

The list, so lovingly written out then was crushed and binned in a second. I could do that because I had moved on. Experiences had re shaped me and I had evolved into a different person.

As we grow we rarely give a thought to our growth. Click To TweetWe accumulate excess baggage in the form of unfulfilled wishes and dreams, unsaid thoughts, suppressed emotions. If that is not enough we stay in relationships, jobs and situations that we stagnate in. And we then wonder why we aren’t happy.

We should give everything, whether it is emotional, physical or material, a time frame. Everything should have a shelf life. If we use it in that time frame we have used it well. If we don’t, then they have to go.

Like those clothes clogging our cupboards which we looked forward to wearing after we lose ‘those last 5 kgs’, or vessels gathering space in the kitchen because they are no use to us anymore or even thoughts and emotions that are serving us no purpose other than dragging us behind or keeping us where we were.

We need to learn this important lesson; That things that don’t move forward should be left behind. So that we can shrug off our baggage and move onto newer and better things awaiting us around the corner.

MayTivation - Sirimiri

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  1. Its like we just need to remove all that clutters our lives, in our minds as well as in what is around us. And yes agree a time frame is required, within which we must aim to get it all off.

  2. I like that line which says everything needs to have a time frame. So true!

  3. Wonderful Mayuri, what a coincidence – I was cleaning all the kitchen cupboards today, and seeing the piles of unwanted stuff I gathered was wondering – Why did I collect so much out of greed?
    Your post rightly points the fact that excess baggage occupies space in our life. True motivation.

    1. Glad it helped, Dipika. Thanks for reading.

  4. This one happened to me at the right time Mayuri.
    As I reflected on the past one year, many things crossed my mind. As I stood witness to these passing thoughts, I realized the same. Not everything has moved ahead along with me. Some have got stuck / anchored in the labyrinths of memory. And some had caught dust and few others got engulfed in cobwebs. Was wondering what do I do with them. Got the answer…let them be there and let me march ahead!
    Life is all about flowing and not about stagnating.

    1. Truly, Anagha. Let us move towards new horizons. Thanks for reading.

  5. It is so true that things which might have been important a few years back seem to lose its value over a period of time. Better to leave them behind. New challenges always come up for us to focus on.

  6. You are right Mayuri, even I have this habit of accumulating every old stuff associating some or the other emotional value to it but you did make a valid point, we must move on.

  7. I agree, M. Although I must admit that it is easier said than done. Sometimes the baggage is a part of memory that we don’t want to distance ourselved from. Physical things can be gotten rid of but emotional things are far more difficult to put behind.

    1. I agree, Varsha. Speaking for myself, I am putting emotional things behind and enjoying the freedom from the burden. Thanks for reading.

  8. This is a very pragmatic view of why the de-cluttering process may not be that painful always.

  9. Letting go of things that dont serve purpose now is so important. At one point of time, I had piles of unwearable clothes – the ones I would never fit into again, some with some sentimental value, some which were too expensive, some which were my favourites… and then better sense prevailed and I gave them all. While I am now quick to give away unwanted things, it’s the mental clutter that I struggle with. Need to declutter some things on priority. Thanks for the nudge, mayuri!

  10. Its true that we should declutter and minimise. The only problem is that the minute I decide I don’t need the large degchi I have a party where I really need the big degchi that I have now given away. Invariably. Haahaaa.

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