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Did you know that Bloggers are the 3rd most trusted source of information, after family and friends? Brands invite Bloggers so that they can write an honest view and review that can reach out to as many people as possible.

When we attend a Brand Event we go expecting to learn about the Brand, it’s product or products, get answers to our questions and in in turn write our view of the product and event which we then share.

When Preethi Kitchen Appliances invited me I expected the same procedure to follow. They specified that they wanted to introduce the blogging community in Bangalore to their new range of products, including the new  Zodiac Mixer. On the morning of the event when their Pass arrived in the mail and I read the accompanying ‘Partners in Progress’ I was curious, but marginally so.

A Saturday evening saw my fellow bloggers and me gather at Taj Vivanta on MG Road. After we took our seats the GM Marketing, Mr Gowarthanan, took the stage and an introduction of Preethi, The Company, followed. Fresh Juices started doing the rounds and as we sipped on our Pineapple Juice and chuckled at the ingenious TVC ‘s being played for us Mr Gowarthanan disclosed that the juices we were enjoying were not made in a juicer but in their newest launch the Zodiac Mixie. This classic example of ‘show don’t tell’ was impressive indeed, as fresh Pineapple Juice made in a mixie got me curious about the Zodiac.




are the 3 Pillars Preethi Appliances stands on




are the Pillars of Growth Preethi Appliances thrives on

When you buy any Preethi Appliance the lifelong service for it is free – you are not charged for labour –only for the damaged part that may need replacing. And they are a one call assistance away, anywhere in India.

Their latest innovation is the Electric Cooker which helps you to schedule your cooking according to your convenience – just add the ingredients of the dish you want to make schedule a cooking time and forget about it. What more, unlike the conventional cooker where we need to wait for it to cool down before we open it,  there is no waiting time before you open the electric cooker once your dish is done. We tasted the Biryani made in the cooker – in  an unbelievable 15 minutes – and needless to say, it was delicious.

The Turbo Chop is a small wonder – not only can you use it to chop onions and other vegetables, you can also use it to make chutneys and dips and the smoothest ginger-garlic paste and if that is not enough it can also mince meat!  It is almost a mini-mixie.

Mr Vishal Sinha Digital Advertising Head. Google took over next and opened up the fascinating world of Google for us, with great tips and the current trends in Digital Marketing. As bloggers our main aim is to reach out to as many people as possible and Mr Sinha shared how we could do that. He was gracious enough to offer to arrange a ‘class of sorts’ for the attending Bloggers at the Bangalore Google office and we all are eagerly awaiting that.

Archana Doshi is a well-known face in the field of Food. Her easy to follow recipes, accompanying tempting pictures and interactive Social Media presence ensure the popularity of Archana’s Kitchen . When Archana took the stage I expected tips on cooking, instead she talked about her Blogging journey and along the way explained how we are all linked together on the vast WorldWideWeb and helping each other online and offline is the only way to grow. Archana is tech savvy and shared invaluable information about some of the people she follows, Matt Cutts of Google for one, and through whose videos and articles she upgrades her knowledge.

The Blog Jam was one of the best Blogging Meets I have attended so far. Well organised, with great content that kept us engaged and extremely enriching. It is rare for a Brand to organize an Event to augment a Bloggers knowledge, by helping them blog right and publicise themselves better, and Preethi surprised us by doing so.

This was not a paid event, though we were gifted an appliance at the end of the meet. The real takeaway from this event however is immense and invaluable. Thank you, Preethi.


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