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Spicy Saturday Picks- 8th July, 2017


Ask any adult which was the most favorite part of their life was and more often than not ‘my childhood’ would be the answer. What is it about a childhood that is so precious, the memories of which stay with us for a lifetime?

My favorite part of my life is my childhood as well and my favorite memories of childhood are;

Being carefree: I remember life as being one big picnic. School was so much fun and something we looked forward to! With interesting subjects like Singing, Gardening, Crafts, Library Period, Sewing balancing the horrors like Maths, Chemistry and History. After school we rushed home to finish our homework and then rushed out to play. We played till it got dark and mothers started calling out for us to come home for dinner.

The Special Treats: Phantom Sweet Cigarettes, Stick Jaw Toffees, Double-Decker Chocolate Bar, the forbidden Raw Mango and ‘Ber’ dusted with salt and red chilly powder sold by the vendor outside the school gates. Lip smacking! 

The Security: I grew up in a time when main doors were only locked at night, neighbours always had their doors open and their hearts too. The world could be trusted enough to let the children be free. The staff that helped out at home were never called, or treated as, servants but were Uncle/Bhaiyya or Aunty/Didi. That is how we learnt to trust people and respect them.

What are your favorite childhood memories? Do share them with us.

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  1. Neighbours were our second families…when we played with cousins going from one house to another no body had any problems now things have changed so much

  2. Neighbours were indeed different back then.Now life is differ. But we still have those wonderful memories. That’s why childhood was so great

  3. Ah.. my favorite childhood memories include spending vacations with my cousins and binge reading Harry Potter. 🙂

  4. Hey I remember those sweet cigarettes too…haha that was fun. So true we were so carefree and yes you are absolutely bang on security part. Today I have strict instruction for my Little one – never go away leaving my hand or out of my sight zone. But during those days – everyone was free from this additional headache of ‘how to trust anyone’. lovely post Mayuri

  5. So much nostalgia in this post, Mayuri. The most I miss about my childhood was the carefree time as you pointed out. Those days when we trusted our neighbours and helps without a worry. Look at the things now. I also miss those vacations in my nana’s house.

  6. Phantom Cigarettes:) That lights up a forgotten space in my mind.Thanks for reminding me!

  7. Oh Your post reminded me of so many things from my childhood. It was a carefree time and that’s why it was the best. Being secure is another thing which used to comfort us. Lovely post.

  8. Haha, How I loved the sweet cigarette ! It was the most stylish thing. Enjoyed reading this post

  9. How come I never had the stick-jaw toffees? They made me think of Fred and George Weasley.

  10. The security was not at all an issue I remember. We used to play all day long outside the house during holidays and our parents were not worried about, like today we are for our kids. Times have changed and so are our trust

  11. Being care free and safe at the same were the gifts of any child. I too feel rejuvenated by recollecting my sweet old childhood memories.

  12. oyyii..what lovely memories 🙂 We truly did grow up in such a lovelier time, no? I remember phantom too, and indeed, hearts were open 🙂 Today, we are all just so busy! I remember the aunts used to all have evening tea together, chatting over the fences, each with their own cups & discussing everything from the vegetable seller to their kid’s problems and antics!

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