Are you the Aamir Khan of Blogging?

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Aamir Khan is one of India’s most gifted actors. His on-screen performances enthrall you whether you are a fan, or not (I am not) Aamir Khan is fondly referred to as the Tom Hanks of Bollywood.

He is choosy about the films he does and takes his time to work on each film. The result being that each of his onscreen characters is crafted meticulously. His dedication is inspirational.

So what can you learn from Aamir Khan that you could apply to blogging, is the thought in your mind right now, I am sure. Read on to find out what I mean.


Aamir Khan does 1 film a year and does it brilliantly: If applied to Blogging it would be impossible to say or even think that you should write just 1 blogpost a year BUT do you have 1 blogpost a month or perhaps 1 blogpost every 3 months which could be called your β€˜Hero’ post? The hero post which is penned down after choosing a subject carefully and then written well. A subject, genre or post your readers remember you by or associate you with.


Aamir Khan conducts diligent research for his roles: In the same way, do you research well for your hero post, or for that matter any post you put up on the blog? Is it your genre, is it what your readers enjoy and more importantly is it something you enjoy writing or maybe even is it something that challenges you? Do you put thought into writing a post or write just for the sake of having a post up on the blog?


Aamir Khan leaves no stone unturned: Writing a great post is the first part. Like Aamir Khan, do you leave no stone unturned to enhance it and sharing it right? Do you proof read your post, do you use spell check to exonerate typos? Do you use the proper formatting and pictures/creatives to make it visually appealing? Do you publicise it right? Do the share buttons on the post work right? Does your comment box allow people to comment easily?


Aamir Khan Experiments with his look and genre: Do you do that too? Experiment with your topic genre. Do you attempt to step out of your comfort zone and try writing a post differently or do you prefer writing from your comfort zone?


Aamir Khan keeps his thoughts, look and role under wraps: Till it is time to reveal them, to an eagerly awaiting world. Like Aamir, do you keep your cards close to your chest or does anyone who is ready to listen know of your thoughts and ideas so that someone else pipes you to the post by using them before you do?

Aamir Khan stands out head and shoulders above other actors due to his versatility, talent and hard work. So, are you the Aamir Khan of Blogging or are at least attempting to be? Think about it.



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46 thoughts on “Are you the Aamir Khan of Blogging?

  1. Unfortunately I am not the Aamir Khan of blogging.
    If you have noticed, he is not bothered about awards and rewards. He is known to make masterpieces.
    I am more concerned commercially ( Ghar bhi chalaana padta hai saahab – Naseeruddin shah in ‘Wednesday’ style) so in order to keep my SEO in place, I blog more than once a month, I take sponsored client posts and a few times do advertisements for my clients (like other stars)
    So admitting honestly, I say I am not Aamir of blogging. πŸ™‚


  2. Inspiring. But every one should have his/her own formulae. What works for one may not work for another.

    Coming to Amir Khan, I like his acting skills but somehow I don’t like him as a person. Maybe, his hypocrisy repels me.

  3. Bang on! Superb post and when you told us that you were writing something related to Aamir khan..I thought it would be something related to Bollywood. But this is a master piece and only you can thinking ideas like these.
    I don’t know if I am Aamir khan or not but I do think twice before taking up anything. As I believe it’s better to give your best with something’s instead of making a fool out of yourself by jumping on every opportunity that comes your way.

  4. Interesting post.. Not sure if I agree with it though, because Blogging is again a very personal thing, each of us has our own reasons/strategy/purpose for writing what we do… So, all i say is do what works for you!! We don’t need a formula nor are we in the business of race to the finish line/hamster on a wheel..

    1. These are simple tips that could enhance any blogpost, Aarti. The amount of typos, bad grammar, wrong punctuation and whatsapp lingo I read in post’s is so not funny!
      Thanks for reading!:)

  5. Brilliant is what I wish to say. The way you have correlated blogging and Amir Khan has blown me away. I am in awe of your imagination and logic. (*raises hands, stands up and bows down*)

  6. Aha..This was brilliant. Well, I’m not an Aamir Khan fan but I do like some of his movies. I do wonder how much hard work he puts in. It certainly won’t be a bad think to be the Aamir Khan of blogging.

  7. Loved how you connected the two, Mayrui! Brilliant!
    I am a big fan of Aamir Khan! The only actor whose poster ever adorned the door of my cupboard. (Well, my sister and I shared a room, so we were only allowed to put posters on our cupboards.)
    Aamir Khan is a perfectionist though. And speaking with experience, it is not good to be a perfectionist in blogging. You never get anything done! Sighhhh!

  8. It sure will be helpful if we all could pick a leaf out of Aamir’s book! I would love to emulate the talented actor where my blogging is concerned!
    Great post, Mayuri!

  9. Lovely post. Not many people talk about writing quality in the blogging world because of technicalities needed to keep the audience engaged like posting regularly and SEO etc. But after all, quality should outweigh all other factors. How would that affect traffic, is a different challenge.

  10. How can you think and connect so beautifully Mayuri? You have your way with words, I love reading posts from your blog. Each and every post make me introspect.
    As you rightly said, writing once or twice might cost us heavy and bloggers, but I appreciate the fact of Research.
    There is nothing better than a well researched post. I try my level best but still have long way to go.

  11. Hm now I don’t know which Bollywood personality would represent my blog.. yet trying to find perfection in imperfection. I agree that if u research well your blog comes out right. Yes I do want to keep trying out various genres never know what connects with audience. Do correct me if wrong ..:)

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