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Iyengar Bakery style Toast Sandwich

When we moved to Bangalore 3 years ago we discovered many interesting facets of this garden city. Iyengar Bakeries dotting it was one such facet.

Each Iyengar Bakery has a different story of origin to share; while some claim that an Englishman, a regular customer, taught an Iyengar family to bake bread, another claimed that Iyengars from Hassan, a town near Bangalore, moved to the city to start these bakeries. These days some Iyengar Bakeries are not even owned or run by the original Iyengars either. Initially all the products baked and sold were eggless but recent times see egg being incorporated in the goodies they sell.

The special feature of an Iyengar Bakery is that it’s exhaustive list of products are fresh and baked each day.

There are buns, sweet and savoury cookies, a must-try speciality Apple Cake, Tea Cakes that you can get addicted to and the freshest of bread, the loaves of which are sliced in front of you before it is wrapped up. Puffs and Sandwiches are other trademarks people make a beeline for.

Their Toast Sandwich is something The Husband is particularly fond of, and each time we pass our favorite Iyengar Bakery he is sure to pick one up for himself.

A lazy Sunday evening and a craving for the sandwich by The Husband prompted me to get into the kitchen and attempt to put one together. Even though I’d say so myself, it was pretty good! You could find my recipe here


Only my family and friends know this, so far, that  I can imitate people extremely well!

The funny bit is I don’t even realise I have observed them or I am observing them so minutely, until I pick up quirks, gestures and words that help form the full picture! Family and friendly gatherings are a riot as my subtle imitations of people present either start on request or if the crowd and my mood is right.

There is a fine line between imitation and ridiculing and I take care never to cross it. It is all in good fun, and I get imitated in return too though, just between you and me, most people do a terrible job of that!;)))))

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