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Jackfruit Halwa

I absolutely love Jackfruit! Isn’t it ironical how such an unattractive looking and cumbersome to cut through lump can hold such a delicious and fragrant fruit inside? Summer is the season of Jackfruits and I relish it in its various forms. When I saw Jackfruit Biryani on the menu on on our visit to Kerala I promptly ordered it, and enjoyed every spoonful!

I love how versatile this fruit with the funny name, Jackfruit, is and how it can be used to dish up both sweet and savory dishes.

I went to the market last week and sight of the fragrance of jackfruit bulbs was too tempting to pass by and I returned home carrying a big bag of them. After enjoying a few I wanted to use the fruit in a different manner and after going through a few recipes online I decided to come up with a simple one and we had Jackfruit Halwa for our post dinner treat.

The health benefits of this fruit are so many as well that there is no reason to ignore it. I sometimes even dream of aiming one at the heads of people I don’t like…..;))))))

I have something in common with Bappi Lahiri. We are gold-mates, only thing is he doesn’t know it, yet. Among many other things I love, I LOVE Jewellery!

Diamonds are certainly this girls BFF’s, but my love for Gold is on par with that of Bappi Lahiri’s, save for the fact that I refrain from wearing the contents of all my lockers together (thank god for small mercies!)

I love classic pieces of jewellery that stand the test of time, look good and are comfortable to wear. In fact there was a time when I was so disgruntled with readymade pieces on display at my jewelers that I used to design my own jewellery. Those pieces are cherished possessions now. Btw, I cannot understand women who don’t like jewellery, I just cannot, and yes I know there are many.

Jutti’s are another passion! Handmade jutti’s from the Indian State of my roots, the magnificient Punjab, are the ultimate in comfort and style and an as yet untapped style quotient upper as far as I am concerned. I just wonder why more people don’t wear them.


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