Handvo – A Savory Cake


Serves 4


Rice: 1 cup

Chana Dal: ½  Cup

Tur Dal: ½  cup

Dahi/Yogurt: 1 Tbsp

Jaggery: 1/4th  Cup

Salt, to taste

Red Chilly Powder, ½ Tbsp OR to taste

Coriande /Dhania Powder, 1 Tbsp OR to taste

Sesame Seeds/White Til: ½ Cup

Green Mirch + Garlic paste: 2 Tbsp

Mango Pickle Masala: 1 ½ Tbsp

Methi leaves , 1 ½ cup, washed and chopped

For the Tadka/Tempering:

Oil: 4 Tbsp

Hing/Asafoetida : A very generous pinch

Rye: ½ Tbsp


Wash, and soak the Rice + Lentils overnight.

Drain the water the next day and grind coarsely (adding very little water as we need a thick batter/consistency)

Add the Dahi and Jaggery in this ground mix and grind once more, keeping in mind that it should be a coarse paste and NOT be a smooth paste.

Cover this mixture and set aside to ferment for at least 6-8 hours (fermentation depends on the weather)

Once the mixture ferments, add the

dry spices,

salt to taste

the pickle masala

chopped  Green Chilly and Garlic mix

Chopped Methi Leaves

And mix well


Prepare the tadka/tempering by

Heating the Oil

Add the Hing and Rye to it

Once the Rye pops add this tadka to the batter

Mix thoroughly

Pour into a baking tin cover completely with sesame seeds and bake (at whatever temperature you bake your cake) in a pre-heated oven till done.

Serve hot, with Green Chutney or Ketchup

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