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Why Deyga is Different

Words like ‘sustainable’, ‘organic’, ‘pure’, ‘natural’, ‘safe’ are being tossed around so carelessly these days. Little wonder then that when a brand approaches me for a possible collaboration and their write-up includes these words I find myself wondering, ‘how different could this brand be from the rest?’.

When Team Deyga approached me with a collaboration I was asked to check out their website and products. Though impressed by what I saw on their clean and clutter-free website, I must admit that skepticism did nudge me. However, curiosity to find out the difference made me agree to the collaboration.

Team Deyga sent me 3 products. When I received them the Team asked me to take my time, use the products for a month and then share my honest review. Most brands rush you through the process and ask you to speed up the review, so I was impressed by this first difference I noticed. The fact that they not only asked me to take my time but were asking for an honest review gave me a glimpse of how confident the brand was of their product.


I have very Sensitive and Combination Skin, which means finding the right product that suits my skin is always a challenge.

Deyga sent over 3 products;

Tea Tree Facial Toner

Aloe Vera Gel

Charcoal Bath Bar

I have been using all 3 for more than a month now, and here I am sharing my very honest experience with you.

Tea Tree Toner

I did mention my sensitive and combination skin, I must add Open Pores and Blackheads too. These are the bane of my existence, more so when the Summer season brings humidity along.

The Tea Tree Toner was unlike any of the Toners I have used so far. Post washing my face, I spray it directly onto my face and pat my face dry. I also use with along with Multani Mitti, as a face pack.

The fragrance of the Tea Tree Toner is very subtle and pleasant. It makes me feel fresh, minimizes my pores, and makes my skin look and feel firmer. It also feels very cooling.


Aloe Vera Gel

The Aloe Vera Gel is fragrance-free and that is what I noticed about it first. I initially used it at bedtime and wasn’t expecting much, but after a few days of it being part of my night routine, I began waking up to clearer and softer skin. I braved applying it under and around my eyes as well, and a week of doing so resulted in reduced puffiness and lightening of my under-eye circles. The Aloe Vera Gel is not sticky and washes off with just water.


Charcoal Bath Bar:

That icky, sticky feeling at the end of the day or post a great workout that makes you want to have a shower right away? My Charcoal Bath Bar was my bath accompaniment there. Looks are deceptive as this clunky-looking Bar does a great job of leaving your skin squeaky clean and fresh. I used it on my face as well and it really helped with keeping oiliness at bay and with my blackheads. It did leave my skin feeling a tad stretched and dry, but an application of the Aloe Vera Gel post-shower balanced it alright.



Deyga is a brand that walks the talk. All three products were gentle on my skin and gave me the desired results. What I appreciated was that the Aloe Vera Gel and Charcoal Bath Bar were fragrance-free and the Tea Tree Toner carried a very faint, and pleasant, fragrance. Deyga is truly different as it gives you products that your skin will love.

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