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The Wonder Face Wash – Tried and Tested

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Disclaimer: All views and methods expressed here are my own. Please follow them at your own discretion. I shall not be held responsible for the results they may show on you, whatever they may be.

Maintenance is always better than renovation, and cheaper too. Whether we talk about houses, cars or ourselves.

I like taking care of myself, but lack the patience to follow lengthy rituals to do so. I look for ways to ‘maintain’ myself that could be seamlessly woven into my everyday routine. I am not too fond of chemical based cosmetics and I am always on the lookout for natural, and if possible DIY, products to help me.

I eliminate hair fall and ensure a thick hair growth of glossy hair with my home- made Miracle Hair Oil.
I ensure good strong teeth and oral health with regular Oil Pulling.

What do I do for my Skin? Read on to find out.

I have sensitive and combination skin, with an Oily T Zone and the rest of my face being dry. Constant Blackheads and sporadic breakouts were a permanent skin issue. Having extremely sensitive skin meant that very few products suited me and finding out which ones would, was a matter of trial and error. Painful AND expensive!
Medication, beauty products and clean-ups helped suppress my blackheads and skin issues for a while, but I was looking for a permanent solution.

3 years ago my Husband shared a post about using Green Moong Dal Powder and suggested I try it for my face. I immediately Googled for more. The results intrigued me enough to make a small batch and begin using it daily.


I have been using the Green Moong Dal powder on my face for the last 3 years. In the past 3 years I may have used a commercial face-wash a dozen times, that too when I either forget to carry my Green Moong Dal powder when I am traveling or when I run out of it.
I am 95 % soap-free and intend reaching 100%

What are the noticeable changes post using the Green Moong Dal Powder Face Wash?
No more Blackheads! They have disappeared!
Breakouts are getting rarer and rarer
Smoother and firmer skin
Gets rid of a light tan
Lightens Pigmentation
Developing fine wrinkles and lines disappear
Deeper lines and wrinkles become less prominent
My skin looks and feels fresh, and brighter

Who could use the Green Moong Dal Powder?

I have Combination Skin, but the Green Moong Dal Powder can be used for all skin types, and all ages.
This could be used by both Women and Men.
If you have dry skin, the Green Moong Dal Powder could make your skin drier still. Ensure you use a good daily moisturiser along with it.

How to make the Green Moong Dal Powder

Whole Green Moong Dal (A fistful of it)
(I use the Organic Whole Dal. I have not yet used regular Whole Dal or Split Moong Dal , so I could not recommend either)

Clean the Dal,if so required. Grind it to a very fine powder, in your mixie.
Sieve it well, ensuring the powder is soft and without any hard bits.

Store in an airtight container.
You could also buy a ground and packed version from a store, if it is available near you.

How to use:
Take a small amount of ground Dal in the palm of your hand.

Add enough water (I use regular tap water and normal temperature) to make a thin paste.


Apply this paste on your face, ensuring that you spread it well.
Leave it for 2-3 minutes or till it just begins drying.
When it does, wet it by patting your face with water and gently scrub it off.
Wash off with water.

This entire process takes about 5 minutes.

I use this in place of a face-wash, and I use it multiple times a day. Click To Tweet

I make small quantities of the Moong Dal Powder, store it in an airtight container and keep a jar of it in my bathroom for easy access. No water should touch the stored powder, keep it with it’s own spoon, else it goes bad.

Yes, that simple.

Disclaimer: All views and methods expressed here are my own. Please follow them at your own discretion. I shall not be held responsible for the results they may show on you, whatever they may be.

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  1. Chana dal powder (besan) I have used. Never heard of green moong. Must try this!

  2. My go to is besan with turmeric and malai/doodh. Cleans and moisturizes face. Love these easy home remedies. Green Moong sounds interesting.

  3. I sm getting this green moong Daal powder made .I loved your miracle oil .It’s close to.3 months I am using and frizzy hair is a thing of the past

  4. I’m keen to try this out too…did I tell you I have been using the miracle oil for a month now? Hair fall has reduced ,though not zero, hopefully some day soon!

  5. Wow another miracle beauty remedy! Thanks May. I still have to make the oil. But doing so once I’m back from my travels.
    These two are a must do for me now. I have a combination skin like you, so got to give it a shot.

    Thank you

    My latest post:


  6. I have a skin type similar to yours. Have been using besan but never green moong dal. Will definitely try this out and hope it works for me too. Thanks for sharing, Mayuri!

  7. I have the worst skin in the world! Blackheads, breakouts, oily zone, pigmentation, scars – you name it! No face wash suits my skin and I’m tired of trying almost all available in the market. Besan I have tried, but it makes my skin too dry. I’ll try this one and see. Just hoping it works! Thank you for this.

    1. I hope this works for you, Soumya. Try the cream DewSoft if your skin feels too dry after using this Face Wash.

  8. Oh yes, this has been recommended to me by someone before. I never tried it though; maybe I should give it a go.

  9. Mayuri Nidigallu Mahita Arisetty

    It works wonders…. back home in Andhra Pradesh india this is used even for new born babies!!!! Thank you reminding me again of this super powder

  10. I always wanted to know the secret of your glowing face 😉
    Gonna try this from today itself because I have to flaunt in my sister ki shadi

  11. Wow!! It is amazing to know that such useful products can be made at home from natural substances.

  12. Mayuri Nidigallu Shilpa

    My sister made this powder for skin tan removal and I was tempted to use for my face, I have been using this powder on my face for the last 1 month and see tremendous change, like no breakout and blackheads and my skin looks healthy tone.

    For somw reason I doubted the changes were because of mung bean powder but after coming across your blog I realize it is because of this miracle powder. This powder is a keeper.
    Thanks for the info 🙂 May!!

  13. Mayuri Nidigallu Jithin

    In a day how many times can we use green moong dal powder to wash your face

    1. I use it 3-4 times a day.

  14. Mayuri Nidigallu Jithin

    Man can we use green moong dhal powder with honey to lighten our face..

    1. I have no idea about this combination.

  15. Mayuri Nidigallu Rama

    Miracle oil is a wonder. Tried it. It really works. Thank you so much for sharing

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  17. I have used chana dal and masoor dal but green moong dal is new for me. Will definitely try this out. I would like to go soap-free too.

  18. Mayuri Nidigallu Sudha

    Will this powder remove all the dirt and give a cleansed face?

  19. Mayuri Nidigallu Susmitha

    Can I use green dhal as scrub and rice water as toner in a daily routine??? Whether its a good combination or not??

    1. I have never tried rice water as a toner, so really can’t say.

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