The Revolution of Nighties

The Pandemic we are facing assured that the whole world was shut inside their homes for the better part of last year. We couldn’t step out first, and later when we could, we were too afraid to. It was a time of great discomfort to everyone.

However, there was one unlikely thing that brought comfort to a lot of women I know.

It was the one garment that gets a lot of flak, the humble, ‘Nightie’.

The Womens Nighties or Nighty is a short form for Nightwear, though wearing it is hardly ever restricted to only night-time or bedtime.

Just like gadgets, dressing, living, thoughts, attitudes, and everything else, the Revolution of Nighties over the last few years has changed, and how! From a shapeless and ungainly garment, thoughtlessly adorned with ribbons and bows, to an attire that is stylish and comfortable, both.

If you are up to date with the latest fashion, you have probably heard of the Kaftan making a comeback, this time rechristened as Lounge Wear. Yes, what was once considered nightwear is now the latest in fashion. Celeb sporting stylish Kaftans at various do’s have encouraged fashionistas and regular women to do so.

What have women looked for when buying a nightie changed over the years? What is it that women look for when they are buying that one garment they are likely to wear longer than any other outfits in their wardrobe?


This is a checklist of what most women I know look for when buying Nighties;


When it comes to Nighties strictly restricted to home wear, women are still looking for a garment that looks smart, stylish, and fits well. Plain, printed, embroidered, or embellished, there is a fabric and style for every taste. The length of the nightie varies according to the wearer’s choice too. From short to mid-length, calf-length, or full length, whatever the comfort level may be.


The comfort the nightie gives its wearer is the reason for its popularity. This is why the fabric is of the utmost importance. Living in a hot and humid climate, my first preference is always pure cotton, mulmul, and jersey materials. They are super comfortable, look good, and are low maintenance. Satin and Silk are the other two fabrics that are hot favorites for how rich they look and how plush they feel. Polyester is perfect if you are looking for a quick wash, no iron, and dry drip fabric.


Shapeless nighties are just not the norm anymore. Comfort cuts, neither too clingy nor too roomy, are what most women I know look for. A well-cut, shapely nightie gives an intelligent look, and wearing it makes you look good and feel good too.


Since the nightie is a garment you wash and wear regularly, if not on a daily basis, it would be ideal if it is zero maintenance, and we could just chuck ours into the washing machine for a wash. No bleeding colors, no fading, and no lint showing up give it bonus points.

What is your choice of nightwear?

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