3 Reasons a Cotton Nighty is always my pick for Nightwear

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How could you ensure that you have a good day every day?

It’s simple! Get a good night’s sleep!

A good night’s sleep does wonders for you and your health. A good night’s sleep relaxes and rejuvenates you, even as it repairs and reorganises your brain cells as you sleep. A sound sleep at night recharges you to face a new day. No creams, lotions or beauty treatments can replace a good night’s sleep.


How could you get a good night’s sleep? Wearing comfortable nightwear is one important factor, and choosing it is something that is in your control. As, if you’re not comfortably dressed for your sleep time you’ll spend the night tossing and turning this way and that as you adjust your clothes.


What is surprising is that people give a lot of thought and attention to their clothes for day wear, checking out the material, the stitching, the fit and what not. Looking good and feeling comfortable in their clothes, whether it is casual wear, formal wear or festive wear, is the topmost thought in mind when picking out clothes.

Why not give the same thought and attention to your night clothes then?

I am very picky about my night clothes, in fact, I have realised that I probably am a tad more picky about them than I am about my other clothes. After all, I am going to be spending almost 8 hours wearing them, if not more. I avoid synthetic fabrics as they don’t allow the skin to breathe and tend to twist and bunch up. Which is why the cotton nighty is always one of my first choices when it comes to night wear.

I have plenty of reasons why, but these are my top 3 reasons for choosing a cotton nighty.



With the hot and humid climate, our country has almost all year around, I can’t think of any fabric other than cotton for my nightwear. Cotton is the most comfortable fabric, and good quality cotton wear is super soft. Cotton lets your skin breathe and gives you ease of movement. Choose a relaxed fit and you’re all set for a good night’s sleep.


Gone are the days when a cotton nighty meant gaudy colours, loud prints and was accessorised with frills, lace, smocking, ribbons, bows et al! The patterns, prints and styles have changed, and how! The designs available now range from cute to classy, and look and feel so good that you can wear them through the day if you are planning to lounge around at home all day.


Cotton is the easiest fabric to maintain. It needs no special care, and the more you wear it the softer it gets. It is one of the most durable fabrics, and if you follow the washing instructions on the label, it lasts and lasts, till you probably get bored of it!

Even my Yoga teacher highly recommends a cotton nighty for good health and good sleep.

What is your choice of nightwear? Do you choose cotton too?

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