VIBGYOR : My Theme for #MyFriendAlexa

So, I did have a theme for #MyFriendAlexa. However, I deliberately chose not to share it at the start and decided that I would reveal it only at the end.


My stories were;

V – Violet for Vadamalli.

Vadamalli is the Tamil name used to describe the color that is neither purple nor pink, which is why I thought it would be apt for Violet. Vadamalli talked about Validation. Does the caste you are born to decide the amount of respect you can garner? Is life easier when you allow people to believe that you are one of them? Do people feel safer when they have someone familiar around, and threatened by anyone new. The story also made me want the reader to think, do the people who think they know it all, really do?

I – Indigo for Neelan.

Neelan is a name I created for Indigo. Neelan was about Indignation. Neelan’s own and the worlds towards him. Should a physical disability stop one from dreaming, wanting, from desiring to enjoy life? The flip side was the question, how far can one go before one becomes a nuisance to everyone around them?

B – Blue for Neela.

Neela is Brave. She stood up against a Bully. She stood up for herself, her self-respect, and for every woman out there who needs that ray of hope to realize that, yes she can. I hope it made the reader think about why can’t families allow their loved ones to be what they choose? If only Samir’s mother had accepted his identity, everyone would have been safe where they were.

G – Green for Popat.

Popat was named after a color we call Popat Green (Parrot Green) I wanted to move away from associating Green with Envy. Popat showed us that redemption comes in different forms. Creating a beautiful world for others, when you have destroyed your own, is sometimes is the best Payback. ‘Popat banaya’ is also Bombay slang meaning ‘fooled ya’. I deliberately chose that tongue in cheek name, Popat, and I chuckled to myself as I wrote this story as he did fool those nosy villagers.

Y – Yellow for Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow.

The boy who grew up to be a very disturbed man in Yellow Yellow Dirty Fellow didn’t have a name. Or perhaps he did, but could no longer remember it. Even if you have given birth to a child you don’t own them.  You may think your children owe you, but you don’t get to decide how they’ll pay you back. Abuse starts a vicious cycle, and passing the baton to the next generation/person has to be put to a stop.

O – Orange for Rusty.

Rust  is a shade of Orange. If you are looking for a sign that says better things are to follow, you are sure to find it here. Orange juice is a great source of Vitam C- my interpretation being Vitamin Cheer. I wanted to end my series by leaving my readers with a smile on their face. I hope Rusty helped me do that. 

R- Red for Roli.

Roli is another name for Sindoor/ Kumkum. Red is also the color of Rage. Roli experienced Rage in different forms. At herself. At her marriage. At the duality of her friend, Nina. On the other hand, why wait for someone to point out things that are in plain sight, despite which you choose not to see them?

Yes, VIBGYOR was my theme.

Did you know that when the Color Wheel is spun, the only color you see is white? White is an amalgamation of all colors. 

We may think we are pristine but our White is a mix of all shades. We are our Emotions and Reactions. A mix of Light and Shadows. We are made up of our Flaws and Strengths. Of Mistakes and Resolutions. Our decisions may make us trip, crumble, or fall. They may make us whoop for joy and sigh with relief.

Even so, we are the choices we make.

I hope you always make the right one and are more understanding of people who don’t, as every story has more than one side to it.

Thank you for reading my stories. I hope you enjoyed reading them as much as I did writing them.

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