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Rusty: Micro Fiction #MyFriendAlexa

2020 had been a nightmare so far and the shocks it kept giving refused to abate.

She was sure she was only one among the millions who thought so. The grief, the losses, and the pain that this year had brought along had tinged everything a dull gray.’ God! Give me a sign that this phase is going to end soon’, she whispered to herself as she looked up at the pewter sky.

She stood up and walked towards the body of water running around the patio.

Being forced to stay at home all these months had now made her fearful of stepping out of the house.

One part of her had leaped in joy when her husband had announced that an unavoidable business meet would take him to the outskirts of town on an overnight trip, and she could accompany him if she liked. The other side first said no, but then went along. It felt so strange to be the only one on the hotel property.

She stood at the edge of the water body and looked down to see the green of the tiles giving the water a lovely hue. Suddenly an Orange splash slid past her vision and disappeared. Just when she thought she had imagined it, there it was again!

A handsome orange Koi Fish!

Weren’t Koi Fish supposed to be lucky charms, she tried to remember? There he was! He swam straight for her and put his head out the water, puckering up as if asking for a kiss! The cheek of him, she told herself! A slow smile spread across her gloomy face as she looked down once again.

‘We call him Rusty, Ma’am! He never misses a chance to get friendly with the ladies! He fancies himself to be a Casanova alright!’ smiled the server above his mask,  from across the patio.

Her smile turned to a chuckle and then a bubbly laugh! Lusty Rusty indeed!

She looked up to see the sky clearing. Yes, Koi Fish were lucky charms. Thank you, Rusty she whispered as hope and faith for better times ahead found a home in her heart once again.


P:S: Koi Fish are used to symbolize health and happiness and are considered lucky charms. So if you have read this story so far and admired Rusty in action, in the pic, I wish you new beginnings and all good things too. No, he wasn’t named Rusty, I gave him that name. The rest of the story happened as is narrated though.

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