Things to keep in mind when booking a banquet hall in Chennai

What is the first thing that will strike your mind after reading the title? Budget, guests or service? Once the euphoria of zeroing on a wedding date dies down, the practicalities kick in. Booking a banquet hall is one of the most complicated and confusing decisions one has to go through. Not just for the couple, but for the family as well. Sometimes it’s not just about the budget or accommodating your guests, it is more than that. Sometimes it is about booking a dream venue! But, dreams are just dreams and no matter how much money you may have, you always need to prepare a list of banquet halls keeping in mind various factors. So, this is for people/couples/families who are clueless on how to go forward with booking a banquet hall in Chennai:


    1. Prepare a spreadsheet: It might sound all tedious but it is all worth and you will definitely thank me later for this. A spreadsheet will have different columns that will help you give a reality check. The columns should include titles like budget, number of guests, ceremonies to be hosted, basic amenities along with the name of the banquet halls. So, don’t forget to make a spreadsheet because this is the first and most important thing that you need to keep in mind while booking a banquet otherwise all your efforts will go to waste.  
  • Intimate wedding/big fat wedding: You need to decide what exactly you are looking forward to, a guest list of 200-300 people or a guest list of over 1000. Ask yourself, do you have an intimate wedding is in your mind or a big fat wedding. Depending on the choice you make you should go further. So, prepare a list of the number of guests you want to invite to the wedding first. 
  • Budget: Never start your search for banquet halls in Chennai without a budget. And, that budget will depend on your guest list, which means consider point No. 2 before the budget. Intimate or big fat wedding? This will help you decide your budget clearly. keep_mind_booking_banquet_hall_Chennai_sirimiri
    1. Start your search online: So, now when you have a budget in mind start an online search for banquet halls in Chennai and add them in the spreadsheet. And, while you search, don’t forget to add the amenities the respective banquet hall is providing. This will help you a lot. Also, you can use the WMG app for finding banquet halls in Chennai and by using the filters, you can actually find some good ones.  
  • Pay a visit: You must understand when to pay a visit to the banquet hall. Not all banquet halls need a visit, once you have finalized top 5 banquet halls that fit in your requirements, make a visit and check for amenities they promise. And, don’t forget to check the location so your guests can easily reach the venue. 

Formalities: The formalities include checking of dates with the administration, discounts, advance payment and asking about outside vendors. If you finalize any, then don’t forget to check on their staff, basic things like hygiene, rooms for the bride/groom.

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