Useful Tips On Candid Wedding Photography

Trends in Capturing Special Moments

Weddings are celebrated with fun and grandeur. The couple and their family take efforts to make the event memorable. Wedding photography is an integral part of the event. Professional photographers capture the unique and emotional moments of the wedding celebration. Photographs on a wedding make your wedding even more memorable. Candid wedding photography is a recent trend all over the world. Candid wedding photography brings out the emotions of the couple and the guests of a wedding in a more natural way. You can look for the best candid wedding photographers in Chennai. The following are some of the useful tips that would help to come out with gorgeous candid wedding photos. 

Get Set Before You Go

This is an important tip of candid photography as you have to capture the real-time emotions of people in a wedding. A candid wedding photographer must make sure that he is ready all the time. This would help to capture the moments as and when it takes place. See that you’re ready with your camera in your hand to click a candid picture. Adjust the settings of your camera based on the light conditions of the wedding venue. Avoid making adjustments on your camera settings when trying to capture a candid moment.  This would make sure that you do not miss out special events. Several wedding photographers in Chennai offer candid wedding photography services. 

Understand Your Camera

A better understanding of your camera and other equipment is necessary for capturing candid wedding pictures. Knowing about the various features of the camera can help to adjust the setting beforehand before taking photographs. A clear understanding of the settings and adjustments required can help to capture the right moments at the right time. You can also have a handy camera in your hand which would help click sudden candid shots. 

Useful Tips On Candid Wedding Photography

Use A Good Lens

You all know that candid photography is nothing but capturing the pictures of bride, groom and the guests without their knowledge. Candid photography is usually taken from a distance. This would not distract the couple or the guests. Thus make use of a high-quality lens which can offer good resolution long-shot photos. A telephoto zoom lens would be helpful in this regard. This helps to capture the natural intimacy and emotions of people in the wedding. 

Avoid Using Flash

When using flash when taking photos, you ultimately end up in disturbing the couple or the guest at the wedding. Thus you would fail in capturing the real moments of the wedding. Flashlights are, of course, boring and unflattering for people. So to lighten the location, a candid wedding photographer must look for alternative ways to offer lightings to the wedding locations. You must be aware of the other setting in your camera which would lighten up space. 

Plan Ahead

Planning is essential when it comes to capturing candid wedding photographs. A candid wedding photographer should be aware of the things that would happen at a wedding. It is highly recommended that the photographer visits the wedding venue before the wedding. This would give the photographer an idea about the best places to take snaps. Thus proper planning can help the photographers in coming out with great candid shots. 

Stay Relaxed And Comfortable

This is the tip to be followed by the couples so that they can pose for some natural, candid photos of their wedding celebration. Hire a professional photographer with whom you would feel comfortable. Talk and get to know about his/her working style.  This would help couples to feel comfortable during their wedding. The couple needs to savour every second of the wedding day celebration. Feel relaxed and assume that you’re on a date with your partner. If you’re exhausted, have a cup of coffee or juice to make yourself feel energetic on your big day.

Hire the Right Professional Candid Photographer

The couple must put in efforts to hire a fantastic candid photographer. You can choose one based on their style of candid photography. Check out their candid wedding pictures captured by them. Make sure that your photographer is equipped with the latest camera and other equipment for clicking high-quality candid pictures. 

The above tips would help to capture the lovely moments of your wedding.  It would be an excellent portal of your happy times.


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