Here’s how you can stay fit following these Fitness Enthusiasts on Helo

Nothing matters more than your physical and mental well being. With gyms and fitness centres popping up everywhere, it is safe to assume that people across the country are taking their health and fitness seriously. Like everything else, it is always helpful if someone guides you when you start. Helo India has provided a platform for fitness experts to reach out to the general public and share their knowledge and experience. Here are ten experts who are moulding the country into a healthier place, day by day.

  • Foram Botadra

Her Helo handle description says, “Train like a beast, look like a beauty” and her posts definitely prove it. This gorgeous lady has almost 199 thousand followers and the numbers are growing. She has a disciplined workout regime and she keeps posting videos of her workouts for motivation and guidance. Her fitness tips have helped her gain so many followers and 2020 is definitely going to be her year.

  • Mitushi_ajmera

This Gurgaon bases fitness idol is actually a certified coach and has helped many people in their fitness journey. Her 82.3 thousand followers are constantly waiting for her diet and fitness tips, which are almost always accompanied by informative posts. Apart from spreading awareness and information, she is quite passionate about health in general and her posts include excerpts from her life which are highly motivating. This lady is going to be a force to reckon within 2020.


  • Diksha Chhabra

This fitness freak from Delhi has about 155 thousand followers on Helo and the numbers are growing exponentially. She posts about various aspects of fitness like working out and diet, especially geared towards women. Her main focus is to educate women about the benefits of exercise and weight training and her transformation itself is a huge motivation for many. This lady with an iron resolve and physique is not to be taken lightly in the upcoming decade.

  • marbaniang

Bodybuilding has always been a man’s game but there are certain women who are breaking conventions and establishing themselves in the bodybuilding world. This bikini model from Gurugram has almost 18 thousand followers on Helo and the numbers are growing. She has won multiple accolades in bikini competitions all over the world and spreads a positive message about body positivity and fitness. She has an amazing physique with chiselled muscles.

  • Shweta shahi

This athletically gifted woman has an incredible 1.3 million followers on Helo and while she is best known for her rugby credentials, she takes her fitness very seriously. Based in Nalanda, this woman follows an intensive workout routine focusing on strength and flexibility. Rugby is a physically intense, full contact game and this young athlete doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.

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  • avijhaofficial

This Delhi based fitness expert has the credentials along with a great physique. He creates individual and general fitness plans which include exercises and diet charts. He has 133.3k followers on Helo and his posts are always viewed by tons of people. This is because he delivers on his promises and helps people achieve their fitness goals. His tips are scientifically proven and many of his followers swear by his word.

  • Fitness Prince Little

With 41.7k followers, this fitness enthusiast takes his health very seriously. Most of his posts are about diet and naturopathy. Apart from fitness tips, he also posts ayurvedic remedies. His posts are very educational and one can incorporate them into their daily routine. Based in Lucknow, he is one of the rising health experts on Helo.


 Another certified fitness trainer whose credentials speak more than his followers; of which he has no dearth. He has personally trained more than 220 clients while he enlightens thousands more through Helo. He also happens to be a certified physiotherapist along with being an experienced dietician. He believes in holistic health and development which includes both mental and physical health and if you are looking for an experienced trainer, look no further.

  • SameerDanny

This famous bodybuilder from Delhi needs no formal introduction, at least for bodybuilding enthusiasts. He has won Mr. World in 2018 and has been Mr. Delhi thrice apart from being a two time winner of Mr. India. With his insane achievements at such a young age, it is safe to assume that he knows a lot about bodybuilding and fitness. He has a ripped, muscular body and the best part is that he is willing to share all his secrets with his followers. He has a modest following of 58.6k but the numbers are growing fast. His work ethic is unparalleled and he is a workout guru for many across the country.

  • Nikhil Rai

Another Delhi based bodybuilder cum fitness expert; Nikhil has almost 110k followers on Helo. He has a very aesthetically pleasing physique and a great workout regimen. He frequently posts about nutrition and weight training and also happens to post his workouts as an inspiration to his many followers. He has helped many of his followers on their journey towards achieving their ideal body.

It is never too late to start working on yourself and these fitness experts of all ages are proving this on a daily basis. So what are you waiting for? Have an active and productive life and work out for a better, healthier tomorrow.


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