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I always assumed Chennai was a city with the most beautiful temples, till I saw the Churches. Yes, the churches dotting the city were a pleasant discovery. 

There are many churches across the city but I’m going to introduce you to my most favorite one. The San Thome Church, also known as the St Thomas Cathedral Basilica. Looking at this pristine, snow white building you would find it hard to believe that it was built in the 16th Century by Portuguese explorers. They built it over the tomb of St Thomas, one of the twelve apostles of Jesus, who was killed by a lance which pierced through his back.

Santhome Church

Rebuilt in 1893, this well maintained Church has stood the test of time, its turrets reaching for the blue sky, just like our prayers do.

San Thome Church holds the distinction of being one of the only 3 churches in the world built over the tomb of an apostle of Jesus. The other two being St Peters Basilica in Vatican City and The Santiago De Compostela Cathedral in Spain.

 The architecture of this building is captivating and you can spend a while here, as you absorb the serenity, take in the beauty of the Grotto or pray to Our Lady of Mylapore (Mother Mary), whose wooden statue looks so real that I mistook it for a real lady!

The Grotto


Cream Donut

Till not so very long ago, Chennai had movie tickets that were priced ridiculously cheap, compared to other metro cities. The GST implementation changed that.

What didn’t change are the spacious theatres. Yes, I think the theatres in Chennai are far superior than their counterparts in other cities. As a hardcore movie-buff and Cinema goer, I should know.

Chennai Cinemas have more thing that others don’t – the Cream Donut!

Satyam Theatres (now taken over by PVR) stocks this most delectable snack / dessert. I look forward to picking this up whenever I go to watch a film there. Infact I look forward to savouring it as much as I look forward to enjoying the film.


This Donut is not round but rectangular. It is soft, lightly sugar coated and available in 2 variants. One filled with Vanilla Cream (my all time favourite) and Chocolate (my favourite when Vanilla isn’t available)

Churches, Cinema and Cream Donuts make Chennai a blessed experience for me!

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My A to Z of Chennai: The City Viewed Through An Outsiders Eye


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  1. Spent 25 years in Chennai. Enjoying each and every post of yours. San Thome Church is indeed beautiful.

  2. I remember having my first donut in Chennai on my second visit. In fact the first veg Biriyani that I loved was from The Creme Corner in Chennai when we had gone to my besties wedding. I almost relived those moments

  3. Never been to Chennai!Wonderful post describing it, I loved the creamy donut part the most

  4. And the Cream Donuts look yummy
    Interesting write-up!

    1. The church is soo beautiful Mayuri. Would love to visit this one for sure. My favorite one is the one at Goa.
      Cream Donut looks tempting too.

  5. I have only been to Chennai twice and in transit. Somehow, I thought that Chennai would have a lot of Churches. Santhome Church is really majestic. And those cream donuts remind me of the cream rolls that I used to love in my childhood. Yum. 🙂

  6. Mayuri Nidigallu Noor Anand Chawla

    Mayuri, I’m really enjoying your posts. You make the city come alive! And I’m salivating over those delicious cream donuts

  7. Hey! Aren’t you in BAR anymore? I don’t see your posts in the daily linkup threads there. Hopped over to check your blog from Shalini’s comment form!

    Btw, that Church looks beautiful. You’ve got an amazing angle. But the Cream donut wins, hands down! 😛

    I am also participating this year. Find my post for today @ How to Create Amazing Content to Grow Your Business? The Simplest 5-Key Content Creation Strategy

  8. I never visited Chennai but through your post, I got to know a little bit. I was in a Catholic school so I feel some connection with churches. And the cream donut, it is looking tempting.

  9. The church is indeed beautiful, M. “turrets reaching for the blue sky, like our prayers do”, beautifully put. Thanks for briefly sharing its history with us too.
    That cream donut sure looks tempting. It can make even a bad movie bearable. 😉

  10. The church san Thome is really so beautiful. I just love cream donuts. We get those in Nagpur too although not in cinemas.

  11. Mayuri Nidigallu Mum_i_licious (insta hndl)

    Love the way u write u bring life to whatever u write. Chennai is a lovely place and can’t get enough with this article Ayesha Nasreen

  12. You left me a little more enriched about Chennai today, it’s history is intriguing. Also, it’s combo with the cream donut is really unique

  13. Mayuri Nidigallu Josefine

    Thank you for sharing, that church is beautiful and the donuts looks delicious.

  14. Not a donut lover but I ate similar donuts for the first time in Bangalore in vanilla and chocolate flavors. Reminds me of that. Love the picture of Santhome Church.

  15. The color and the structure of the church is really very eye soothing,good to know about its history.
    And about the donuts…chocolate flavor is always my fav.

  16. Mayuri Nidigallu Deepa

    Yum. I want to try those cream donuts. I also didn’t know that there are so many churches in Chennai. We are getting to know so much about the city through your eyes, M.

  17. Your posts are making me feel nostalgic. I have visited this church. Very beautifully written.

  18. You brought a wave of nostalgia, Mayuri! I visit Chennai often and go past the San Thome church at least ten times each visit–it is on the way to my FIL’s house. Satyam theater used to be our go-to thanks to it’s proximity to our college and workplaces. Wonderful AtoZ theme. I am looking forward to reading every post!

  19. Oh My God! I have to go to Chennai once now. All the things you have written about in this post are my favourites! We recently went to a beautiful gothic church, “St John in the Wilderness” during our last vacation to Dharamsala, Mcleodgunj and it was very very beautiful.

  20. Woow!! It’s a lovely place! Have to visit soon

  21. Now why haven’t I visited any church in Chennai, I wonder. But I did have the cream donut from Satyam theatres. Oh yum. I wish I could have it now! 🙂

  22. The church looks beautiful! I will definitely visit it if I visit Chennai. And the cream donuts sound yummm!!

  23. I was missing my dose of Chennai yestersay. White pristine Church looks so beautiful, even thr Grotto is mesmerising. And cream donuts wow, that’s a must try.

  24. I like donuts and the cream donut is my favourite..

  25. Churches have a calming effect, used to visit in school days, you took me to memory lane.

  26. Santhome Church and The Grotto looks so beautiful. And the cream donut looks absolutely yummy!
    It’s interesting to know that the movie ticket prices were low in Chennai. Is that because Chennai is the hub of all South Indian regional film production?

  27. Quite impressed with the architecture of Santhome church . Didn’t knew that Chennai theatres have Cream donuts, interesting!

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