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Other cities may have a Beach. Chennai has Beaches! Yes, you read right.

Of course you’ve heard of Marina Beach, I mean who hasn’t?

Marina Beach is the longest Urban Natural Beach in the country.  At a stretch of 13 km, including a 6 km promenade, it is also supposedly the  2nd longest Urban Beach in the World.

This beach is THE tourist destination for anyone visiting the city and has a lot going on, with something for every age group.

Take a long walk along the Promenade, flanked by The Bay of Bengal on one side and historical buildings across the road on the other side.

The Promenade

Food stalls serve the famous ‘Thenga Manga Pattani Sundal’ (Boiled Chickpeas with chopped Onion and Raw Mango bits)  Bhajji’s (Bhajia’s) Cut Fruit, the crazily popular Boiled Sweet Corn and the usual beach fare, Candy Floss, Ice Cream and the like.

Food Trucks serve fresh Sea Food, so you could end your beach visit with a Meal.

Kids and Adults could indulge their love for Horse Riding, participate in Yoga, Martial Art and Dance Classes that take place here. The beach also has a Swimming Pool.


For those who love photography there is a photo opportunity at every step. From the Red and White Chennai Light House looming over the Beach to the Mahatma Gandhi Statue taking the next step. Glorious Sunrises and Sunsets make for great photographs.

Mounted Branch of Greater Chennai City Police
The Mounted Branch of Greater Chennai City Police on Marina Beach

Admire the Mounted Branch of Greater Chennai City Police patrol the beach on trained horses.

Sitting high on their horses these fit and smart Police look out for mischief makers and people venturing too close to the water. They also handle crowds and look for missing children, guiding them back to their parents.

Elliot’s Beach ( also fondly reffered to as, ‘Bessie’ as it is in Beasant Nagar)is probably the cleanest of all the beaches in the city.  Here is where the famous Ashtalakshmi Temple is.

Akkarai Beach

Santhome Beach is the lively one. Food Vendors, Fish Vendors selling the catch of the day, vegetable vendors  line the side of the road flanking it.

Head to Thiruvanmiyur Beach, if you’re looking for some peace and quiet as it is mostly empty. It is slightly cooler than other beaches too, so it’s the ideal place for your morning or evening walks

Breezy Beach, is less crowded and known for its horse rides.


Neelankarai Beach is where the Turtle Walk takes place(more on that later)

VGP Beach is a private Beach and you pay a small entry fee to go there. Which is why it is still clean and peaceful.

These are just a few of the beaches I’ve listed. There are more! Life is surely a Beach , in Chennai at least!

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My A to Z of Chennai: The City Viewed Through An Outsiders Eye


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  1. I’ve been to Chennai thrice and in our first visit, we went to explore Marina Beach in the morning and Eliot Beach in the evening. Coming from Kolkata, it was amusing for me to see that a metro city had a sea beach where people could actually bath, have amazing fried fish and take a stroll on a daily basis. I’ve never missed visiting Marina beach in all my visits.

  2. When I was a young man I used to frequent the Besant Nagar beach with my friends. It was the beach where many youngsters hang around and a lot of love stories have blossomed there and boys and girls frequent this beach hoping to find their soulmates. Well, I met my soul mate much later through mutual friends in Coimbatore but much earlier than that the Besant Nagar beach used to be my favourite haunt. We used to enjoy the cool breeze and many of my friends found their life partners there.

  3. My husband has been time Chennai twice and he teases me with his beach pictures
    Hope to visit the beautiful city soon.

    1. .My husband has been to Chennai twice and he teases me with his beach pictures
      Hope to visit the beautiful city soon

  4. Those beaches are the ones that I sorely miss in Bangalore…and am loving your Chennai stories, Mayuri! 🙂

  5. Ive been to one of these years ago… remember having fried prawns from the stalls nearby and watching as they made fried fish etc by the side of the sea…

  6. Beautiful post. You almost convinced me to visit Chennai at least once in my life to walk on the promenade and eat snacks from the road side stalls – Thenga Manga Pattani Sundal.

    1. I had been to Chennai as a kid… Umm is there also a beach where a lot of movies are shot and has like a human statue? I hope I am not mixing up places?

  7. Great compilation! Thenga-manga-pattani-sundal is the biggest enemy of those love-loving-couples.. lol…
    Besant Nagar beach and murugan idli goes hand in hand!
    VGP had been the defacto for movie songs of south back then, before the craze for foreign took over for all dream songs!

  8. Liked the way you have described these beaches

  9. Honestly, I had only heard about Marina beach although its anyone’s guess that Chennai would have more of them. I love beaches and would probably overstay a visit in Chennai just so I could see all of them. 🙂

  10. Mayuri Nidigallu Deepa

    I didn’t know anything about other beaches except the Marina beach. I still remember Sundal we had on the beach and I loved it. First time I came to know about sundal in Chennai only. Would explore other places whenever I get a chance to visit.

  11. I just love road side stalls! Need to visit a beach soon

  12. Mayuri Nidigallu Noor Anand Chawla

    At the sake of sounding very ignorant, I must admit I didn’t know about Marina Beach or in fact any other beach in Chennai!
    I’m so glad I know now 🙂
    Informative and engaging post!

  13. Oh God I had no clue there see so many beaches in Chennai, when I was small my parents used to take me to Marina and Gilden Beach. Next time I am checking the rest

  14. For every tourist the trip is incomplete without seeing a beach in Chennai. In my one day trip I just had the chance to take a round in the car and whatever I saw was beautiful.

  15. I have been to Marina and Golden beach in chennai. With such a exciting list of beaches I am already getting into a vacation mode.

  16. Marina Beach, yes I heard a lot from husband about it. He was placed in Chennai at the very beginning of his career. Today, you presented a better picture of Marina than what he usually refers to. I love the way this series is shaping up, sure by the end I would be know-it-all about Chennai.
    BTW, Mumbai also has beaches 😉 and you know that. LOL.

  17. I used to stay right next to Neelankari beach. Besant Nagar beach is also my favorite. You get yummy fried fish and corn there, if I’m not mistaken 🙂

  18. I have may memories of Marina beach. I once saw a Tollywood movie shooting on the beach. Then while accompanied by my son I bought 2 dead starfish which he proudly displayed beside the Lotus pond but they were devoured by some stray dogs. Good one Mayuri! #blogchatterA2Z

  19. Wow! I didnt know Chennai has so many beaches. Seems you need 1-2 days to explore all of these. Great compilation.

  20. had been to marina 20 years before, but still have fresh memory. nice post

  21. I have been to Marina and Akkarai beach! Beaches are love. When I was in Chennai Marina beach was our must-visit during weekends.

  22. I have been to Chennai so many times, but have never visited even any of its beaches. Marina beach has a swimming pool!! Wow! That’s so amazing!
    Hoefully, on my next visit, will at least visit this beach. Great captures, Mayuri!

  23. Beaches have a special feeling attached to it and for a city like Chennai, many beaches gives way to people to feel refreshed.

  24. I so want to visit Chennai now. This Marina beach sounds so much fun. I have always been fond of water bodies. In Chandiigarh we have a Huge Lake called Sukhna Lake, Calcutta has the Ganges Riverside, but a 13 km long beach ? It sounds crazy

  25. Oh yes, I’ve heard a lot about Marina beach and have always longed to visit here and try some beach side stall foods.

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