Actors to watch out for in ZEE5’s Sigai

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As someone who watches regional films with subtitles, the first thing I look forward to finding out is what the title of a film means.

So I did the same with this movie I heard called Sigai. Turns out, Sigai means Hair in Tamil. The title of the film was intriguing enough to make me search for the trailer and as soon as I watched the trailer on ZEE5 I knew I wanted to watch the film!

As a movie buff, I look forward to and enjoy watching movies that are different from the run of the mill plot and characters. Watching the same faces on the screen gets boring after a while too, no matter how well they portray varied characters. It is exhilarating to view fresh stories and faces that are showcased well,  and it makes me feel like I have discovered something new.

Which is why Sigai, a ZEE5 original Tamil film, got my attention. Apart from the unusual title, none of the cast, save one, seemed familiar to me.

Sigai is a story that takes place over a span of 24 hours or one day. In this short span of time, a housewife commits suicide to teach her husband a lesson, a youngster is killed and a girl goes missing. The chain of events that follow forms the crux of the movie.

There is no quintessential lead pair, a hero or heroine, and supporting characters. Instead, there are 9 crucial characters, each with their own subplot, around whom the script revolves.


When the cast of a film consists of not very known faces, it allows the actors to become the character they are playing, and the audience to connect to them in that role.

Though the script, editing and direction are noteworthy, the actors cast in Sigai make the film the gem it is.

If you were to ask me, these are the actors to watch for in Sigai, the first Tamil movie to be screened Online on ZEE5.

Kathir: When an actor essays the role of a transgender he/she treads a fine line, as enacting one can either become a caricature or a complete flop. Young actor Kathir, however, carries off the character of Mathivanan, a transgender, flawlessly. Even though he makes the audience wait a bit for his appearance, he claims the screen and film as soon as he does. Kathir gets the body language, gestures and nuances of a transgender just right. Simply brilliant!


Riythvika: I first saw Riythvika as a contestant on the Tamil version of Bigg Boss. Her expressive eyes, calm demeanour and stoic silence held the promise of talent waiting to be unearthed. This is talent is unleashed in full scale which is a treat to watch on screen.

Raj Bharath: Playing Prasad, a pimp in the movie. The character refers to himself as a hardcore, rough talking, ‘businessman’. Apart from Kathir, Prasad’s role is another character who takes the film forward.

Fact: Interestingly, when Kathir was offered the pick of roles the director, Jagadessan, thought he would choose Prasad’s character, but was surprised when Kathir chose to play the role of Mathivanan. Great choice, I would say!

Meera Nair: She plays Nirmala aka Nimmi who is a sex worker who is showing signs of ageing, always a hazard in her profession. Due to her advancing age, her price begins to decrease, or so claims her pimp, Prasad. Her character is extremely crucial to the film as her missing case forms the trigger event that kickstarts the conflicts of the movie.

Mayilsami: The veteran actor plays the character of a cab driver in the movie. Crude, rough and edgy, his character adds quite a punch to the thrilling tale.

Such great actors performing incredibly challenging roles, Sigai sure seems like a treat to watch. Going by the star cast itself, I would highly recommend you watch Sigai on ZEE5, where a refreshing story meets some noteworthy performances.

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