Why Registering for Wedding Gifts is the coolest wedding trend EVER!

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If we’re being honest, one of the best things about a wedding are the hundreds of wedding gifts you’ll be getting! But it also has the potential of becoming one of the worst things—if the gifts you get are ones you have no use for and no space to store. Well, we have the perfect solution for you. Wedding Wishlist has brought the most popular wedding trend to India—a wedding gift registry. This allows couples to create a list of gifts they would love to receive and share with guests. Their guests can then buy or contribute towards any gift on their registry, making sure that the couple will love and use their gift.

Here’s all the benefits of doing a wedding gift registry with Wedding Wishlist!


  1. NO Guesswork

No guest who takes the time, effort and money to buy the couple a gift wants their gift to end up in a recycling pile. They want to make sure their gift is appreciated and enjoyed by the couple. But guessing what the couple wants and what others are getting them is not easy! A registry eliminates the stress and guess work from the equation. The couple adds gifts they like to their registry, the guests buy, group gift or contribute towards any item on their list, and once a product is bought, it says purchased so there are no repeats!

2) No boxed gifts

The worst thing for a guest attending a wedding is walking around with a big box in their hands. And no couple, dressed in all their finery, wants to hold box after box of gifts and ruin their pictures. When a couple does a wedding registry, this problem never arises. The gifts that guests purchase are delivered directly to the couple, when they want and at any location they want. So guests can be stress free and the couple does not have to worry about lost gifts or gift tags. So easy, right?

3) It’s waste-free for everyone!
A wedding gift registry is the socially conscious and responsible way to gifting. Couples spend a lifetime of savings for their big day and then have the added responsibility of setting up their new home. Billions of dollars are spent every year on wedding gifts, most of which go to waste because guests are aware of what the couple wants. A registry bridges this gap perfectly. The money guests spend helps the couple set up their new home or go on a holiday.

4) You get it all…

When registering for gifts with Wedding Wishlist, couples can create a free wedding website with their story, pictures, event details, RSVP and more. This becomes a beautiful way for the couple to share their wedding with their guests. And they can seamlessly incorporate their gift registry within this website.

5) And it’s all free!
All those advantages and that too for free! What could be cooler than that? The registry and wedding website are both completely free for the couple. And they get their gifts delivered when and where they want at no additional cost. So it’s a win-win for everyone!

You can create a free wedding gift registry at www.weddingwishlist.com

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