4 reasons I chose Photojaanic to celebrate my special day

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We are making photographs to understand what our lives mean to us 

Ralph Hattersley

My husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary recently. Every special occasion is yet another milestone we feel good about reaching together. Just like it does every year, this year too our approaching anniversary made me reminiscence about our wedding day, and our journey so far. As I wondered what to gift my husband this anniversary, the only thing I was sure of was that it would  not be some usual run of the mill gift.

In the years we’ve spent together we have celebrated many memorable occasions. It would be safe to say that we’ve exhausted every idea and sense of creativity we possessed, in thinking up innovative gifting ideas for each other.

Ever since my sister gifted me a personalised gift on my birthday last year, I have loved the idea. As a receiver it felt good to know that some thought and care was put behind choosing a gift and personalising it exclusively for you.

So, why not a personalised anniversary gift this year, I asked myself.

As someone who is not very tech savvy, I dreaded the process, Nonetheless I started surfing personalised gifting sites with some trepidation. Some sites seemed so complicated that they scared me away, while others confused me. Other sites either had very few options, or then way too many, confusing me.

I had almost given up my search, till a friend suggested Photojaanic. The gorgeous photo book of her recent holiday I has admired in her house on my last visit was created through Photojaanic she added.

I asked her if she would help me order my gift, she being tech savvy, unlike me. My friend laughed, saying I wouldn’t need help.

Photojaanic is a website that helps people freeze the moments they care about. They believe that capturing personal moments matters. They have various personalisation options for you to choose from.

I had a few favorite pictures that mean a lot to my husband and me. I wanted to use those and create an anniversary gift.


What I loved about Photojaanic:

Simplicity and Navigation: The site is elegant, simple and navigating through it was a breeze. Yes, for someone as tech-challenged as I am that matters. I started with browsing through the menu and decided I would order a Wall Photo Collage and a Mug. The process of doing so was smooth. One step led to another and before I knew it, my order was in my cart, ready for payment.

My Order: Different sides of the Mug (top) The Poster Collage (bottom right)

Variety: Choose from Photo Books, Calendars, Prints, Photo Magnets, Mugs, Cards and many more personalised items. There is enough variety so that there is something for everyone, and at the same time the variety is not mind-boggling so you are left confused about what to choose. A choice of ready templates makes customising easier. I needed to upload my personal pictures and then place them in my chosen template, and doing so was trouble-free.

Quality and Delivery: I must admit that even after I was done ordering, I was still apprehensive about the quality of the products. My other concern was, in what condition would they reach me? After all, the mug was a fragile ceramic and the photo collage was a print, which even a slightest indentation would mar.

The super quick and well packaged delivery delighted me. Secure and compact packing ensured that both my gifts reached me intact. The pictures were exactly as they were, without any distortions. The paper used for the Photo Collage is rich and glossy. My order reached me within a week of ordering it.

The packaging

Pricing: When a company offers products which are sensibly priced, and manage to surprise the customer with a quality that far exceeds their expectation or imagination, they can be sure that they have a return customer.

Change the way you gift, like I did.

Photojaanic even has an app you could download on your Android Phone.

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