Are you a Frielth? #MyFriendAlexa

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Have you heard of the word ‘Frielth’? Probably not!

I hadn’t heard of it either, till I coined it. Yes, I’ve created this word, which is a combination of Friend + Health = Frielth

Let me explain.

As I have grown with friends I have realised that being a friend entails heart-to-heart talks, tiffs, pity parties, celebrating together, traveling together, and more along those lines.

As I, and my friendships, grow older I realised that there is one very important aspect of friendship that is rarely given the attention it deserves. That aspect is health, your health and your friends health.

When I meet friends it is almost always over meals. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Brunch or just Desserts, it could be anything. Even if we meet for a movie, the goodies that are mandatory at a theatre, Caramel Popcorn, Samosa, Ice cream, are part of the meet. Meeting at each other’s homes too has food and drink involved.

Earlier this year I began meeting a friend for a morning walk, only because neither of us could coordinate our schedules to meet during the day. We talked away 19 to a dozen as we averaged an 8 km walk most mornings of the week. Catching up, endless jabber and lots of calories burnt. Win-win.

Another friend and I also meet-up in Malls, with our walking shoes on. We walk the length and breadth of the mall as we chatter away, sans pollution, traffic or bad weather. How’s that?

Then 3 months ago I embarked on and successfully completed a No Sugar Challenge. The results of which were so inspiring that a few of my friends took it up as well. The ones who persisted and completed the challenge saw amazing results, and couldn’t thank me enough for sharing the Challenge with them and for the encouragement that kept them going.


That is when I thought of Frielth – a Friend who looks out for their Friends Health. Click To Tweet

Imagine having a Frielth. A friend who encourages friends, who partners friends and is there for friends to help them get healthy. Now imagine being that friend, one who does all that and gets healthier along with friends.

I am bored of meeting up over meals and movies every time we do and have realised there is so much else to do.

Why not come up with fun activities to do together, like meeting for a walk, or at a spa? By meeting over an exercise session you and your friend both love. Or taking up a health beneficial challenge together. Or joining / forming a Book Club together. or taking a class together, learning something you always wanted to?

Meeting, catching up and getting healthier as you do? Not too much to ask, is it?

Health is truly wealth. Help your friends earn it even as they help you earn yours. For don’t we and our friends need to be fit and fine for a long, long time, as there is so much that we need to do together and so many people, to discuss about!

I am taking my blog to the next level, with #MyFriendAlexa by Blogchatter

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161 thoughts on “Are you a Frielth? #MyFriendAlexa

  1. Health is sadly the most neglected aspect of our busy lives. The junk food available in plenty, lack of sufficient exercise etc adds to the problem. I loved your word btw. Frielth indeed.

  2. This is a great idea, M. Looking back, I don’t think eating together is as much fun as activities that involve our physical as well as mental effort. I have friends who I walk with and work out with. Inspiring each other (and yourself) like this is the best gift we can give!

  3. Being a physical exercise enthusiast(to some extend a body builder) once i tried to arrange physical exercise season with friend but no one responded, the present experience is same.
    The idea of science also flopped. “Freilth” is a nice word,liked it.

  4. A decade ago, I used to meet my friends for chai sessions at a tapri which we used to haunt when we studied together. Now, in our mid 30s whenever we meet, it’s always for a beer or two. Then, one fineday we decided to meet up on a sunday morning and climb Nandi Hills. 3 hours and 18 arduous kilometers later, we felt refreshed and totally awesome. We made it a point to do this at least once every month. Your post just emphasizes how easily we let go of our health and the potential opportunities to indulge in activities to improve our health. Very good write.

  5. What a brilliant post, Mayuri and something that resonates with me so well. Health. I always wonder why we have to meet friends over lunch, brunch or dinner, why food has to be such an integral part of our meet up. I loved this take on meeting friends over walks, spas, etc.

    Will do that the next time…sounds fun!!

  6. That’s a nice line of thought. I believe in our school days, meetings with friends was mostly restricted to healthy options like playing outdoors, reading, going to the library etc. Over the years this scenario has changed. Your ideas definitely add lots of value to friendship.

  7. Frielth indeed is a good way of ensuring each one of us stays healthy. After a few years, we all need a little push to maintain our own health. This sure is an excellent idea to walk or exercise together so as to stay fit. Fabulous thought.

  8. You have a beautiful blog. Your posts are very lucid. Reading your post only I decided to join “My Friend Alexa” campaign. May be I shall pickup some healthy habits this time. Great!

  9. Sugar really is incredible stuff when you think about it. Few things can addict us in such a way and still allow us to function for years on end before showing any real, ill health effects. It’s sweet, it’s comforting, and it’s widely accepted as a normal part of life. I quit Sugar in July 2018 and I have lost 2kgs and I have completely decided to live a life without sugar. No added sugars, no artificial sweeteners, no fake sugars, no syrup – Nothing! It really helped with weight management, increased energy, fewer cravings, improved skin. It’s getting easier to live without added sugar and I legitimately feel so much better.

  10. Heath is the most neglected part especially when you are a woman. We keep our health on the back-burner but address other things first.
    I began my journey with FRIELTH just a couple day back when friends and you motivated with no-sugar challenge and healthy exercises.

  11. Frielth! Now that is a new one but one that we need many of in our lives to push us and encourage us to be fitter. Your “No sugar challenge” was the one I accepted too and have been feeling fabulous since. Posts like these are encouraging and motivate us to make simple, small changes to a healthier lifestyle. For me, you’re my frielth too. Cheers!

    #MyFriendAlexa #DibbiReads

  12. This is such a refreshing read but I’ve a sneaky feeling that very few of my friends would agree to bond over a walk-around-the-lake session. Sadly, very few can avoid the lure of cafes and malls these days. “No-Sugar-Challenge” sounds amazing. Would give it a try.

  13. Wonderful coinage for an otherwise boring ‘Fitness buddy’. I’d love to be your FRIELTH! 🙂
    In today’s day and time, what we need more than fine-weather-friends are friends who will watch your back in (avoiding) sickness and in (promoting) health.

  14. loved this i stay at banglore & my bestfrnd at hubli but we sure to make a call each other and wake up each other and go for morning walk…

  15. Your sugar challenge has been my inspiration for the longest time. But, I’m not sure if I can be as strong yet.:) Congrats on this achievement.

  16. Yes I have a frielth and we do morning walks together. Not just physical health, we also try to be positive and talk positive during our walks. No sulking, criticism or bitching for us as we want to start our day on a positive note.
    #MyFriendAlexa #thefoodfundareads

  17. What a wonderful idea Mayuri.. you deserve a pat on your back. I hear you about meeting over lunch, dinner, for a drink etc .. we keep eating and eating and drink.. why not do something healthy for the body and have fun too ! #MyFriendAlexa #AksReflects

  18. Indeed a very profound thought.
    Mayuri, you have very creatively thought through to coin such an interesting word.

    Health and friends are such an important aspect of our life. And it does happen at some point in our life we neglect our health and also take our friends for granted. This combination is truly magical provided we have the conviction and the consistency to carry the balance forward. Both for good health and friendship to build and nurture needs lot of commitment and efforts. We often falter. It is a two way channel, the more we do for our health, the better we become as a human being, our outlook towards life, the more we do for our friends, the reciprocation, the more we get back in different ways.

    The idea of building the friendship on a morning walk or being inside the mall, and walking through our talk…is a good way to manage our engagement and also get our things going. I have always loved walking and do so religiously, so your thought connected with me instantly. The choice of food and the variety in the spread keeps our taste buds tantalizing and we need to provide that anchor to our temptation, always not easy and when the calorie-meter goes up, we need to be careful and the walk does the work. Motivating to walk, we need the support of our good friend, companionship makes a huge difference in our life.

    #MyFriendAlexa, #MakeupReads

  19. Awesome. I liked your invention. You are right mostly lunch or dinner are common ideas behind most of the meetups. Unless you make an effort to change it, it continues to remain the same. I meet my friends for morning and evening walks. Since I go regularly for a walk so they also join me because of different schedules that doesn’t leave ya enough room to meet at each other’s places.

  20. I remember how in my first company I and my friend used to encourage each other to go to the gym and that helped us in being regular. We drifted apart, moved to other places with fatter paychecks but I could never get a frielth like her, neither did she 🙁

  21. I loved the word Frielth. You always come up with interesting ideas Mayuri. This one is perfect too. What a fun way to stay healthy! Next time we meet, let’s plan something similar too. 🙂

  22. Mayuri, what an interesting coinage. It goes so well with the concept of friendship and health. We spend days worrying about our eating habits and our weight. You have come up with the perfect solution. Thank you for this enlightening post. 🙂
    #DeepTiesReads #MyFriendAlexa

  23. Hey this is such an awesome thought! Recently even I have one of my friend who shared a challenge for planks and squats and we all do it ans share with each other. Great read!

  24. The first thought that came to my mind on reading the word ‘Frielth’ was something fiendish and sinister, but liked the idea you came up with better Mayuri. It is a wonderful idea to meet up with friends over exercise.. Good for emotional health as well

    #firstgreenstep #MyFriendAlexa

  25. Frielth, never heard of this words but could relate it after reading the post. Friends + health , how beautiful, both which makes life feel good. I saw your sugar challenge and was amazed with the before and after Mayuri, it was inspirational.

  26. Such an interesting thought Mayuri and makes complete sense too. Why do people feast when they meet? It would be so interesting to do so much more which will also boost your health and happiness. Im going to keep this in mind and follow it. Im also very keen to know more about and pursue the No Sugar challenge. Heading there next.

  27. Haha frielth. It started as a mystery post and as I continued then turned into a health post. It was a great post. I agree friends encourage to healthy routine and exercising. It becomes kind of a healthy competition.

    P.s. I would request you to contact Oxford and register that word in the dictionary.

  28. ‘Frielth’- An interesting word to combine the two most important aspects of our life, Friends and Health. Friends are our life support system. And in order to make our life function properly, we need to pay attention to our friend’s health.
    I do have fun meetings with my friends, but at the same time always encourage and accompany my friends for a healthy session.
    Great post Mayuri!

  29. Such a novel concept Mayuri . Have heard about friends for benefit, fair weather friend and BFFs…all the shades of friendships in between. But the friends for keeping self healthy and fit, thats the new thing on block! Such a mindful buddy-concept.

  30. That is indeed a wonderful thought, Mayuri! Because friends are the only people who not only encourage us and keep cheering us up, but also pull us up for falling off track or giving up midway.

  31. This is a great discovery Mayuri. I loved this concept of meeting friends over a fitness session. Else every time I made a plan to meet a friend, I had to make that a cheat day. As it is always eating out. I need to find frielths in my life too.

  32. Frielth – a lovely word you coined . We all should be careful about our own and our friends’ health . If I am not wrong I got to read a word earlier coined by you that was Flawsome . That was also unique and I still remember it . Thanks Mayuri

  33. What a superb idea! I really wish to have a friend who can push me to try my limits and help me be healthy and a better person. I am definitely going to share this idea with my friends. Thanks for writing.

  34. I liked the concept, would definitely try this out, coz as friends we have done lot of mischieves, but never thought of being Frielth 🙂

  35. Being a friends I and my friends have done lot of mischievous, but never tried to be a Frielth, will now definitely try this out

  36. I absolutely love the concept and the coined word! Workout out dieting becomes easier when you have friends! I remember going for Zumba with friends was so much fun. *Goes hunting for a walking pal*

  37. What a cute idea! I love the new word Mayuri. I hope Oxford Dictionary is taking note. I am a great proponent of the walk and talk kind of friendship rather than meet and eat. Here’s hoping you have more frielths!

  38. The word Frielth is really new to me but the thoughts are mutual. I have a bestie and we share this beautiful bond, I’m gonna try this with every friend now. I love the Sugar Challenge many of my friends have done that and seen considerable changes (I can never take it up as Sweet = Weakness :p)
    #vigorousreads #MyFriendAlexa

  39. There is no better motivation to work out than having a gym buddy. The same applies to walking or any other form of exercise. I love the term frielth to describe this relationship!

  40. Hey Mayuri , Frielth is such an apt term you have coined. I am sure it will motivate the readers to be and to have more than one Frielth forever . It’s true that we chat and eat more, whenever we are with friends. Let’s progress and cultivate this Frielthy habit .

  41. A perfect topic for #Myfriendalexa to reach the masses dear. Personally I am inspired by your ideas above and after adopting your 21 day challenge, will now embrace the frielth too <3

  42. Now that’s an awesome term that you have coined. So one of my friends and I have been planning to meet forever. She stays quite close by but with our day long domestic commitments, we are never able to make it. I think next time I meet her, I am going to discuss this concept with her.

    Though on second thoughts, we have all had or been a frielth some time or the other in life. But having a formal term define the win-win friends is a good feeling.

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