Are you a Frielth? #MyFriendAlexa

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Have you heard of the word ‘Frielth’? Probably not!

I hadn’t heard of it either, till I coined it. Yes, I’ve created this word, which is a combination of Friend + Health = Frielth

Let me explain.

As I have grown with friends I have realised that being a friend entails heart-to-heart talks, tiffs, pity parties, celebrating together, traveling together, and more along those lines.

As I, and my friendships, grow older I realised that there is one very important aspect of friendship that is rarely given the attention it deserves. That aspect is health, your health and your friends health.

When I meet friends it is almost always over meals. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Coffee, Brunch or just Desserts, it could be anything. Even if we meet for a movie, the goodies that are mandatory at a theatre, Caramel Popcorn, Samosa, Ice cream, are part of the meet. Meeting at each other’s homes too has food and drink involved.

Earlier this year I began meeting a friend for a morning walk, only because neither of us could coordinate our schedules to meet during the day. We talked away 19 to a dozen as we averaged an 8 km walk most mornings of the week. Catching up, endless jabber and lots of calories burnt. Win-win.

Another friend and I also meet-up in Malls, with our walking shoes on. We walk the length and breadth of the mall as we chatter away, sans pollution, traffic or bad weather. How’s that?

Then 3 months ago I embarked on and successfully completed a No Sugar Challenge. The results of which were so inspiring that a few of my friends took it up as well. The ones who persisted and completed the challenge saw amazing results, and couldn’t thank me enough for sharing the Challenge with them and for the encouragement that kept them going.


That is when I thought of Frielth – a Friend who looks out for their Friends Health. Click To Tweet

Imagine having a Frielth. A friend who encourages friends, who partners friends and is there for friends to help them get healthy. Now imagine being that friend, one who does all that and gets healthier along with friends.

I am bored of meeting up over meals and movies every time we do and have realised there is so much else to do.

Why not come up with fun activities to do together, like meeting for a walk, or at a spa? By meeting over an exercise session you and your friend both love. Or taking up a health beneficial challenge together. Or joining / forming a Book Club together. or taking a class together, learning something you always wanted to?

Meeting, catching up and getting healthier as you do? Not too much to ask, is it?

Health is truly wealth. Help your friends earn it even as they help you earn yours. For don’t we and our friends need to be fit and fine for a long, long time, as there is so much that we need to do together and so many people, to discuss about!

I am taking my blog to the next level, with #MyFriendAlexa by Blogchatter

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