Book Review : Love.exe by Manju Nambiar

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Pages: 384

Genre: Romance. Fiction

Available in: Paperback and E-book Format

The Plot:

Nitya Balakrishnan is a brilliant Engineering student, who lives in Kerala with her parents.  She passes out of college with flying colours and an admission with full scholarship to America’s top University. Being an only child, her over protective parents allow her to go to the US on one condition, that she marry a boy of their choice before she leaves. A reluctant Nitya agrees and before she knows it she ‘sees’ a guy, is engaged to him and after some seemingly unfair demands from his family the engagement is called off too.

Angry and heartbroken, Nitya flies away to the US, leaving thoughts of love behind. Nursing her wounds becomes easier with a new life and a new country distracting her. In a span of two years Nitya is a different person in every which way and thinks she has finally left the bitter memories of the past behind and is ready to move on, when she bumps into her ex-fiance, Ganpathy. It doesn’t help that Ganpathy is her senior at the firm she joins for her first job after graduating.

At the site of Ganpathy all her old memories that she had thought she had safely buried come rushing back. Ganpathy however, is unperturbed and behaves like nothing went wrong.

That they work in the same office, and sit across the hall opposite each other is infuriating to Nitya.

Nitya is not the same person anymore. But they are both lonely, and with a past together, in a new country. Will Ganapathy apologise? What twist will Nitya’s her life take? 


My Thoughts

I read Manju Nambiar’s debut book, The Moneylender, and enjoyed it immensely. So, when I had the opportunity to read her 2nd book I was excited to do so.

Indian love stories, are more often than not, are set in the same style and follow the same premise. Love.exe surprised me, by not doing so.

Manju’s words have etched all the characters so well that I could literally imagine them before my eyes.

I liked the refreshing character of Nitya, a strong girl with her roots firmly entrenched back home and using her new found skills, confidence and chances life gives her, to fly. I enjoyed reading about her transition phase, that of an over-awed student to a confident professional.

Ganpathy’s character was well defined as well. Strong, silent with just the right touch of mischief.

The insight into Kerala and their culture was made for a good and interesting background.

Manju’s writing is simple, skilful and draws you in from the first page. I picked up this book and put it down only when I was done, yes I finished it in one go. Love.exe is a light, fun and engrossing read. It truly is a sweet romantic comedy that will make you fall in love. Pick it up!

**** 4 Stars to LOVE.exe by Manju Nambiar

My rating chart;

*Use it as a doorstop.
**Read it if you have nothing better to do.
***You may like it if you like this particular genre.
****Must read!
*****What! You haven’t read it YET?!

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