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Daddy’s name is Subhash – which means soft spoken. Dad is the anti-thesis of that name though. A spade is a spade is a spade, and he refuses to call it anything but a spade. Thankfully he has Mom for a life partner, who act as a foil and balances out his frankness.

Over the years I have realised that when I am deeply hurt or confused and want to vent I go to Mom, but when I need advice for the same situation it is Daddy whom I seek out.

Dad lost his parents young, and being the eldest son who had to shoulder a lot of responsibilities and bring up his siblings, his life has been one rich with experience. Little wonder then that his advice is always perfect.


You take life very seriously and think too much, is what he tells me often. And though I argue against it openly I secretly agree with his analysis.

It is funny, but as kids we never even spoke to Dad. He has never ever raised his voice at us, or anyone else, despite which we were terrified of him.

Dad loves to travel and I started bonding with him when we began traveling together. Long flights, airport lounges, waiting for and cursing delayed flights were opportunities to befriend each other.

I even helped Daddy at his office for a while, drafting important letters and mails and doing odd jobs. How I hated and whined, but Dad made me do what had to be done. The result, my formal letter writing is impeccable.

Dad loves good food. I remember my sister and me experimenting in the kitchen during the summer holidays, and all that we cooked or ruined would be kept aside for Daddy to taste first, when he got back home. However dreadful it may have been he wiped the plate clean, and told us it was the most delicious dish he had eaten.

People can only give you what they have, if you expect anything other than what they have then you are working your way to disappointment, is what I have grown up hear him say.

Dad is incorrigibly optimistic. I have never heard him say No to anything. No challenge is insurmountable, where he is concerned and he has shown it to us by walking the talk. He is always ready to lend a helping hand or an ear, whatever is needed.

I never bother about what people talk about me behind my back. How they are with me when we meet is what matters. Life has certainly become easier ever since I started following this advice of his, as I have realised that most people are cowards who can only talk behind your back.

Daddy has shown me the world, both geographically and otherwise. He has been a great travel companion. A friend when I need one and a Father all the time. He gave me and my siblings roots and was selfless enough to give us wings as well.

I wish him health and happiness always, just as I wish them for your Dad too.

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