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Home is where love resides, memories are created, friends are always welcome and laughter never ends – Anonymous

My father is fond of telling us this story often, of how his father, my grandfather, bought his first home.

It was the early 1960’s when my grandfather decided to buy a home, 5 years later. He meticulously saved up for all those 5 years and spent the last 2 of those years looking for the right house.

As planned, at the end of 5 years he was the proud owner of a brand new home which he had chosen after a lot of thought. Grandfather was very firm that he wouldn’t step into the house till it was paid for till the last rupee, and he didn’t until he paid for his dream home in full.

It was the late 1980’s when my father decided to buy a house. Home Loans were a relatively new concept and my father decided to avail of it. As he began the paperwork he found it to be exhausting and confusing. The conditions put by the bank didn’t give him the comfort he needed to sign on the dotted line. After a bit of hemming and hawing he decided not to go for it, till later.

By early 2000 buying a home had become a relatively easy procedure. Banks had made the transaction and paperwork both smooth, and homebuyers found it a great help to buy a home of their dreams. The EMI (Equated Monthly Instalment) was dreaded, but people found paying monthly instalments better than paying rent.


My husband and I are planning to buy a home next year. After looking around for the right home and home loans, we had almost zeroed in on whom to go ahead with when my husband’s friend told us about Tata Value Homes.

Tata is a name we are all familiar with, and a name we grew up trusting. Tata Value Homes (TVH) is currently running a National Campaign which launched around Independence Day this year.

#GharAajaIndia was launched on Independence Day to give home buyers a new kind of independence, from rent and initial and immediate EMI’s.

Most people talk about freedom from the view of the national independence struggle, whereas Tata Value Homes is encouraging their audience to win freedom from the atrocities of living in a rented accommodation.

Tata Value Homes wants ‘Ghar’ to only mean the home that you truly own and not your landlord’s space rented out to you, where you live with restrictions and rules.

To ensure that people get a chance to own  their home, they have an interesting offer of a 10:90 Subvention Scheme for its customers.

What is the Subvention Scheme?

Pay 10% and move in, 90% after 12 months (Hence an EMI free year after you pay 10%)

Benefits of the Subvention Scheme:

  1. Peace of mind.
    2. Buyers get time to pull in resources leading to lesser loan amount.
    3. If they’re taking loan, Tata pays the interest for 18 months.
    4. No double burden of EMI & Rent.

We are so glad we now know of the Subvention Scheme at the right time, and so will everyone who wants to break the shackles of rent and step into a self-owned home.

Looking to buy your dream home? Wait no more, Ghar Aaja, India!

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  1. ‘Tata’ is a reliable name and I have friends who are owners of ‘ Tata Homes’. This scheme seems to be a boon for families planning to realise their dream of owning a house which they can call ‘Home’ with pride.

  2. What an innovative scheme and such a relief to future home buyers, wow!

  3. Buying a home requires careful planning. Especially with all the paperwork required. This new scheme by Tata value homes is indeed a boon for home buyers. Thanks for the information.

  4. Tata has come up with a great scheme to help home buyers’ struggle for funds easier. Wish this had happened bit earlier, we too could’ve taken this benefit. Nevertheless, will definitely recommend it to my family and friends.

  5. Buying a home has seen a paradigm shift as the generations have progressed. #GharAajaInida is a welcome campaign by the trusted brand, “Tata”. The offer is simple and comes with no hidden or small print conditions. Augurs well for all the home buyers.

  6. Mayuri Nidigallu Amrita

    Seriously homd buying was a pain earlier.EMIs made it easy and TATA’s subvention is going to be a big help.

  7. Subvention scheme by TATA sounds really good. Now it’s much easier to buy a home for everyone. I will share this scheme with one if my friends who were planning to buy a house.

  8. Tata is trust, the name we can always rely on for world class quality. This information will help first time home buyers to get their home abode dreams come true.

  9. Buying your own home is a dream reality for many, one of the biggest decision for a family. When you have options like TATA which spell trust, your dreams become reality faster.

  10. Finally!! Something arrives which will make buying homes way easier. The real-estate market is becoming saturated over time , with easy loans and EMI’s it is sure to shape up again. Tata Value Homes is a great initiative.

  11. I read a post about the benefits of tata home buying by Dr.Amrita.. This one seriously looks breathable with high benefits. Thanks for Sharing your experience Mayuri..

  12. Thank you for sharing this shceme, this would be really helpful for all

  13. with Tata many people would find new home great scheme

  14. This looks like an awesome scheme. Thanks for sharing.

  15. Actually im looking for home now and your post is gonna help me in real sense, i wasn’t aware of such schemes at all

  16. Mayuri Nidigallu Richa Singh

    Strangely enough all our ancestral home stories follow similar pattern – the age old mistrust when it comes to loans. And of course the idea of building everything from scratch. Today it is easy to shop a ready made house – albeit signing the dotted lines of a loan. And then working from scratch to repay the million EMIs.

    Sigh. But TVH’s one year free EMI is brilliant plan! It allows so much to plan and prep. No?

  17. Tats is of course a great brand but this entire concept of subvention is new. Does the emi of the first year get added to the total home price?

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