Is Age truly just a Number?

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When we were younger, we couldn’t wait to grow older. Now that we are older, we reminisce about our ‘younger days’. The fickle human mind! Without realising it we also tend to sort people according to their age. Teenagers have it all. 20 year olds are carefree. 30’s mean going down the hill. 40 is mature. After 50, you might as well be invisible, that is how much one matters.

Little surprise then that the song, ‘I8 till I Die’ is still a super hit!

I have met people from all age brackets. Some ‘fit the bill’, so as to say, and some don’t.


Very recently I meet a Lady over dinner. 55 years old, or around that number, is what I assumed her age would be. Our Husbands are business associates and since we were visiting their city they graciously invited us out to dinner.

I have to say though, that I wondered what I would talk to her, and them.

Since our Husbands were stuck in a meeting in the conference room when we got to the office, we both waited outside. And we started talking.

We talked away. About books. Travel. Food. The topics sprung out of nowhere and our words gushed out, falling over each other in glee. She loves Bombay. We both love Pondy Bazar and Rathna Stores in Chennai. Food was an area you must experiment in, is what we agreed on. We also thanked the inventor of the Kindle from the bottom of our hearts.

We talked non-stop for 3 whole hours, and it was the most refreshing and happy conversation I’ve had with anyone in a while.

This lovely lady I met was brimming with energy. She loved her work, and was so excited and open about learning and exploring. Her enthusiasm for life was contagious. Meeting her was a shot in the arm I needed. I caught myself thinking, this is how I would like to be when I get to her age. And to think I was wondering what I would talk to her about!

Age is truly just a number. It is what you are that makes you interesting, or not. Click To Tweet You could be a massive bore to someone at 18 or 22. Or you could be an amazing 50 or 70 year old to someone else.

This experience was an eye opener. I’ve learnt not to slot people by their age, and learnt the lesson well. Have you?

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