Who is Judging you? #MayTivation

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There are times in all our lives when we wonder if we are doing it right? Endless questions plague us and worry creases our brows. Are we good people, are we good parents? Have we been good friends and good relatives. What do our professional colleagues think of us or what does the Boss think of us?

We keep berating ourselves when we feel we may have slipped. Not made dinner for the family, not done the laundry, not kept the house clean, didn’t return a call.

An internal tussle continues where we keep beating ourselves wondering if we are doing right. If that’s not enough we wonder what others may be thinking of us?

Have you every paused to ask yourself, who is judging you?

The answer might surprise you, but it is YOU. Yes, you are the one constantly judging yourself.  You are your only harshest judge. You are the one who sets impossibly high standards for yourself and are disappointed when you fail.

Your neighbour picks and drops her children to school? You beat yourself up because the bus picks and drops yours. It’s convenient for you right, or maybe because you have a 100 chores piled up the moment your children leave. Or you need to get to work after they leave.

Your friend cooks up amazing meals for her family, while you have just enough energy to slap together a Sandwich at times? Hey, take it easy. A Sandwich is good! Or just order in! You’re handling other things. Or maybe you just didn’t feel like cooking. Big deal! You may be doing a whole lot of things that others wish to.

When you start judging yourself, you lose confidence in you. You second guess your abilities and your pros get snowed under cons.

If you’re doing the best you can, if your intentions are right. If you’re keeping yourself and your family healthy and safe you are doing a great job. You should  worry about being judged only when you judge others. Do you? Click To Tweet

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