The Kindle Conundrum: To buy or not to buy?

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If I had a rupee for each of the times someone exclaimed, ‘…but the Kindle is not a book!’, I would have bought myself a 2nd Kindle by now.

Yes, the Kindle is not a book, it never claimed to be one either. It is a electronic reading device that allows you to carry and have more books than you could imagine together in a single place, without adding weight to your bag, to your arms and eating up space on your book-shelf.

Isn’t that every reader’s dream?

So why the angst against the Kindle?

Yeah, yeah I know what’s coming now. If you get this e-reader, you’ll miss the ‘smell of a new book’,right? See, I knew you were going to say that! Also, you’ll ‘miss turning pages’ and ‘the reassuring weight of a physical book in your hands’ Bingo, and bingo?

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A happy Kindle-user from August 2012, this e-reader and I did take some time to befriend each other, as I saw it as a ‘betrayal’ to use it over books. I had the same misgivings I spoke about, that I would miss the feel/smell/weight of a physical book and so on and so forth. You know what, I didn’t, not one bit!

Why? Because I never stopped buying books!


Another misconception that I’d like to bust is that getting a Kindle spells an end to buying books.

I have no idea how that thought comes to mind, until someone had a Kindle which had hands which sprung out and grabbed theirs each time they reached out for a book.

I have continued buying books in the 5 years I have owned this e-reader. In fact it helps me decide which book to buy. Let me explain, if I am unsure about a certain book, I first buy a Kindle version of it and read it, and if it passes with flying colors after it is read I get myself a hard copy. Chosen hardbacks of my favorite books now adorn my book case.

Bonus: For all you people who have the habit of folding the edges of a page to mark where you stopped reading, and the ones who like to underline/mark relevant lines/paragraphs, Kindle has both these features.

This e-reader is the perfect travel companion as well. A slim, lightweight device nestled in your purse/bag/backpack holding the promised treasure of hundreds of books (mine currently holds 195 books out of which 145 are waiting to be read).

No more lugging around books. No more Book Anxiety: The fear of what will I do once the book I am currently reading ends and I don’t have another book waiting for me.

My e-reader has been my loyal companion in waiting rooms, in queues, through sleepless nights and long journeys. It has also saved me from many a painful talkative co-passenger.

The Kindle has upgraded itself frequently since I brought mine, and sleeker and easier to use and handle devices are now available. Mine is practically a stone age model compared to the newer ones, but I love it just the same and won’t part with it till it dies on me one day.

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‘Books are no more threatened by Kindle than stairs by elevators – Stephen Fry, Writer, Actor, Comedian, Presenter and Activist


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