Are you going to pieces trying to ‘Keep the Peace’? #MayTivation

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We all want it. This tranquillity in our lives. This living in harmony with goodwill all around.

However, Peace does not prevail by itself. You have to work towards first creating it and then maintaining it. A tough job, if there ever was.

So how do you create a peaceful atmosphere? After all we live, work and deal with various people all through the day. All of them with temperaments different from each other.

Most people think that keeping the peace is possible if you’re affable with everyone, listen to everyone and agree with everyone. This ensures that everyone is happy and there is peace all around.

However, doing so puts you last. Fending for yourself on the leftover breadcrumbs of choices. Leaving you longing. So there could be peace all around, but none inside you.


The other popular options is, listen to everyone, agree with everyone and then do your own thing. This is a hit and miss. It either works for a while or just blows up in your face. If it blows up in your face it is because it makes people around you feel foolish, making your credibility dip.

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Firstly, you have to realise that keeping the peace cannot be a solo effort, it is a collective effort. Whether it is in the family, at your workplace or with friends. Also, once you take on the onus of being the one trying to keep the peace, you will be made the torchbearer, ensuring there is no peace in your life.

Do the best you can, and concentrate on keeping the peace within, no matter what happens around you.

Meditate, find a hobby that helps you unwind and calm down. Do things that make you happy, and take you away from the chaos called life, figuratively if no literally. No, this is not easier said than done. Because when peace finds a home within each of us, it is only then that it can do so around us.

It should become a way of life, if you want peace that lasts. Without going to pieces.

MayTivation - Sirimiri

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