Do you Edit your Life? #MayTivation

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Life! Such a fascinating gift! So many people, so many emotions, so much happening in a lifetime. Have you ever wondered that if each one of us were to pen down our life adventures what a fascinating story it would make, wouldn’t it?

A good story is further enhanced by good editing.

However editing a finished story is a tedious process. Editing it as you write it makes. Whether it is a story, or your life.

We all reach a point in life when we need to start editing our lives. People who are redundant, emotions that don’t serve us well anymore and relationships that may have turned into millstones around our neck. Hopes are dreams that may have soured and plans may have crossed their best before date.

The time for editing could happen at any age and at any stage of life. When you start feeling that you are stagnating and there is no mental or emotional growth. When you stop evolving and moving with the times.

More so editing is not, and should not, be a one-time process. It should happen as and when needed.

When the people in your life begin to hurt you and harm you instead of making you happy. When the wrongs in the people you interact far outweigh the rights you look up to. When your feelings take you backwards, instead of spurring you ahead. When your emotions fill you with self-doubt instead of triggering your self-esteem.

That is when you need to edit.

While editing our feelings and emotions is in our control, there will be times when you can’t physically edit people out. They may be people we live and work with. People we are related to or are friends with. At such times the best course of action would be to edit them out mentally and emotionally. By not letting their words and actions matter. By not responding to their actions towards you. At all.

When you edit the story of your life completely and finally, that is when the story of your life will make a better read.

MayTivation - Sirimiri

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  1. This is something I would like to do is write about my life. Thanks for the reminder that I just need to DO IT! Heidi at, A Little of This & That

  2. I liked the idea where you say that we cant edit people around us and their actions and words. However we edit the way we respond or choose not to respond. So much of peace could be achieved in life, if we follow this rule. Thanks Mayuri.

  3. Rightly said Mayuri. Life is a journey, and as we keep moving along, we need to keep up this process of editing as an ongoing thing. Clear out the negativity which grow as weeds, it would bring in more happiness and contentment in life.

  4. Editing is required in our story of life for us to stay happy and in peace. I agree it’s not easy to edit few things or people completely. So, it’s better to edit them mentally. Loved it!

  5. Can’t agree more! It is better to clear out the toxic people as you move ahead in life.

  6. Totally agree! We desperately need this EDIT button in our lives to save ourselves from unnecessary worry and anxiety.

  7. I think we do edit people out of our lives consciously or subconsciously owing to how they make us feel. It is good for our mental and physical health.

  8. Absolutely! We need to edit unwanted people, mistakes, negative emotions from our life regularly (on the go, actually) so that we evolve in the process. In doing so our story of life will shine out bright. Loved reading this Maytivation, Mayuri!!
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  9. Such an interesting thought Mayuri, I completely agreed that editing is an essential process. it works great not only to improve our writing but our life as well. we need to edit unwanted and negative people time to time from our life. enjoyed reading the post and loved the design of your blog.

  10. Of all the editing job I suppose editing annoying people around us is the most difficult task..for example what to do with a pesky neighbour…just a strong mental will can do the job.

  11. I know its difficult but you have shared such a important thing, we need to edit especially the point wherein you cant edit some people but need to edit them mentally it would make so much of a difference.

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