Do you Spring Clean your Thought Closet? #MayTivation

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I grew up hearing my parents say, ‘Do good and good will happen to you’ among many other pearls of wisdom. In fact I heard this particular adage so many times that it has been tattooed in my mind, like a mantra.

Of course my parents walked the talk as well, so naturally I did what I saw them doing, as children learn best from what they see parents do and not from what parents say.

Then I grew up and life happened. I met people from all walks of life, and I began questioning this belief. The reason I began questioning this particular belief was as ‘doing good’ was looked upon with suspicion and more often than not my intent was under scrutiny.

As for the good happening to me in return, well let’s just say that it happened so rarely that I was surprised when it did.

From creating a school group and uniting 130+ friends from all over the world, to helping people in need in the best way I can, my good intentions were often looked upon with suspicion. What’s in it for you, was the common question.

Apart from being zapped at this thought process, almost all of the people I may have done good to have harmed me in return.

Am I exaggerating? No.

Am I imagining it? No.

Did I expect a lot it return ? Not at all.

Have I just been plain unlucky? Probably.

After repeated experiences and lots of discussions on the same topic with my family I decided to Spring Clean my Thought Closet, and the first belief I dusted out was, ‘Do good and good will happen to you’.

It may be working for my parents but it certainly wasn’t working for me. It was just gathering dust and taking up space in my thought closet so off it went, making way for another belief, ‘Do Good.’ Period.

Beliefs are custom built and one size does not fit all. So maybe what does not work for me, works for someone else. However, despite being custom made all beliefs have a shelf life, after which they need to be altered, if not replaced with a newer version.

Spring cleaning my thought closet was one of the best decisions I made in recent times. No point is keeping what is not working for you anymore, is there now?

My thought closet is now airy, with space for new beliefs.

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  1. Spring cleaning your thought closet… Yes, it’s something that we must do from time to time. Old and redundant thoughts/beliefs must give way for new thoughts that empower and enrich.

  2. Yes, that’s something we all need to do oftener. Especially with beliefs that serve no purpose, ideas that have gone stale and worries and grudges that poison the mind…

  3. I clean my thought process regularly. That’s how we learn right? So.. it’s good to choose what works for us.

  4. I have a whole in my head so it’s always airy 🙂
    Jokes aside, I am never rigid in my beliefs. I am always open to a new line of thought… one of my few redeeming qualities.

  5. That’s how we evolve, by challenging old beliefs and making way for the new.I’ve learnt to let go of expectations- in relationships, blogging, life. It’s made me quieter and perhaps a bit lonelier, but I am happier and more at peace today than I would have been a few years ago. Our experiences shape us.

  6. I can connect with this post. I’ve learnt that goodness returns, not necessarily from the same source, or in the way expected, but yes, it does. “Do good” is a great mantra.

  7. We really need to come out of our thought closet and clean it up more often. A nice thought, Mayuri.

  8. Your post gave me fodder to thought that yes, it happened in past and in present term too. Probably due to my expectations. But yes as rightly mentioned in the post one thought one mantra might not fit for all.
    another master stroke by you Mayuri.

  9. I completely agree with you on so many points Mayuri.I often tell my parents that they should hv conditioned me to be Street smart &instead have given me good values that have become outdated in today’s selfish world!

  10. I am so sorry to hear that a fantastic belief like do good and good is done to you has bid you adieu. I can understand your disappointment when your good intentions are repeatedly questioned. I have always seen you as this warm, sunshine person who is genuinely caring and such a lovely person to know. I am sure you will always be that way. Perhaps, beliefs become outdated or maybe the world has gotten more cynical and negative. I still do believe that good begets good, maybe not directly, maybe not instantly, but certainly sometime in the future. Besides doing good gives one happiness and peace.

  11. Liked the idea to ‘Spring clean our thought closet’. And, so true what works for other might not work for us. We develop our own beliefs and alter them as we grow old.

  12. That’s a lovely way to look at it. Not everything works for everyone but as long as we are not the reason for someone else’s suffering, things should be fine.

  13. I started with the same thought and finally settled with “Do Good”. It’s better this way and I am slowly working on letting go of expectations! It’s very difficult, but peace is what I really need. Great Post, Mayuri!

  14. I liked this idea Mayuri, more so because like you I have spring cleaned a lot of my thoughts with time. ‘Make time for people in need’ changed to ‘make time for people who deserve’ and so on.
    It is better to let the positivity of a good factor remain with us. Hope this new thought keeps you happy. 🙂

  15. Somewhere I could see my own thoughts in there. I really should start spring cleaning my thoughts.

  16. I loved the expression spring cleaning your thought closet. My parents used to follow the same principle but it’s not always reciprocated. But if you ask me, that’s OK… We learn and move on and do some more awesome kind acts. Why should we change ourselves because of the crappy behavior of others. Kill them with kindness, bury Them with a smile

  17. Liked your mantra “Do Good.”
    And I believe in “karm kar phal ki aasha na kar”, old age thought works best for me.

    MeenalSonal from AuraOfThoughts

  18. A great value concept… Spring cleaning of the thought closet! I think I must try it for relieving my precious neural resources! Can meditation help me do that… I need to find out!
    Mayuri, your post had given me a positive thought to ponder for better!
    – Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

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