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Everyone who passed by their house wished it was theirs. A bougainvillea tree heavy with flowers formed a canopy at the entrance. Under the shade of which stood the welcoming entrance, with dark stone steps and a red tiled floor leading the path inside.

Yes, it was a beautiful house. On the outside.

A complete contrast to what went on inside. Muffled screams were trapped within the walls. The corners of the furniture and the staircase stood in mute testament to the bruises they caused her as she was flung around when he was enraged.

Yes, it was a beautiful house. Not on the inside though. But as her self-loathing for the uncalled for abuse she bore grew, as did her obsession to keep her house beautiful on the outside.

Yes, it was a beautiful house. On the outside.

Just like her.


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  1. How true! Looks can deceive!
    This is such an interesting take on the prompt, Mayuri. Love your stories.

  2. How inner traumas could be camouflaged on the exterior. For no one would be able to guess it!!

  3. Outer beauty more often than not overcompensates for the ugliness/sadness within. Poor lady.

  4. Ah! That’s so heart-breaking and it is a sad reality for so many!!

  5. thats the testimony to what ‘s inside may be a stark contrast to what meets our eyes. well done as always Mayuri

  6. Reminded me of one advertisement…”her ghar kuch kehata hai”. But this house is laden with dark and ugly shades of the life. Loved this tale, Mayuri.

  7. Wow I loved your take on this house

  8. Oh, it touched my heart. Know someone exactly like this and no matter how much I ask her she likes to keep like this. You became the voice of many Indian women here dear

  9. Such an innovative take on prompt, lovely series, would love to participate very soon!

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