Your dream home awaits, with the #TATA99HomesFestival

Every human being has dreams. Some dreams are the ones they share with loved ones while others are held close to their hearts. Owning a house is a dream that almost everyone nurtures secretly.

People save for years so that they could buy a house. Compromising on everyday little wants and dreams, to fulfil a big one. A roof over the head, a place to call your own, a place to come home to.

My best friend and her husband have been looking forward to buying their own home too. They wanted their soon to be born baby to set his/her first step in his/her own house. However, the dream of owning a house seems to be becoming a distant one for them. What with real estate prices increasing with each passing season, loan procedures that are taxing and complicated, a high rate of interest and down payments, lack of good deals at affordable prices and credible projects from a trusted brand.

My friend and her husband researched well and searched for homes both online and physically, but they couldn’t zero in on a property that ticked the majority of their boxes. If they liked something, the price was too high. If the price was right, the house was too cramped or not aesthetically pleasing. If everything was right, they couldn’t afford the down payment demanded. Their eagerness towards fulfilling their dream of owning a house was turning to frustration.

New Haven - Bengaluru
New Haven – Bengaluru

When that dream was becoming even more distant, there was a ray of hope, and it all started turning into their favour. There came in a brand that has been trusted in India for generations; TATA; be it steel, houses, cars, tea or clothes, the brand that has always delivered value and played a significant part in enriching lives of millions! Its endeavour to constantly innovate has played a key role in bringing about a positive change in the lives of people, and have kept up with the demand with individuals’ ever changing needs/desires.

So how is TATA impacting lives this time around?

Enter TATA Value Homes and their #TATA99HomesFestival

This distinctive offer stands to be a game changer in the real estate market that aims to fulfil people’s dream of owning a house, a place they could call home. With 99% funding and discounts of up to 19 lakhs, the dream of having a house of their own can take shape for everyone once again. What better than a TATA property with attractive amenities at such jaw dropping prices.

I shared this deal with my friend and her husband. The smile on their faces and the hope that shone in their eyes made me believe that they would have their dream home in time for the arrival of their first born.

So stop dreaming and start believing that you too could afford a house of your own, or perhaps a second or a vacation home. Yes, this is for real. Stop pinching yourself and go ahead to know more about the #TATA99HomesFestival here – www.tatavaluehomes.com

Hurry up, registrations ends on 1st of November! Register here to book your home now!

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