Are you exercising your mind? #MayTivation

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Exercise. A word we are all familiar with. We are aware that we must exercise and are also well aware of the benefits exercising brings about. Most of us even exercise sporadically and some of us are so habituated to exercising that we are regulars at it. Exercise is good to gain and maintain better health and it keeps you fit and flexible, at any age and more so as we get older.

So how many of us exercise? And how many of us exercise our mind?

Exercising your mind? What is that? Is that even possible?

It is.

Our mind is among one of the most important organs of our body. Either we control our mind or it controls us. Life, situations, emotions and experiences process thoughts that get stored in our mind in the form of memory. Memories influence reactions, habits and behaviour.

As long as we live we keep making memories and storing them. The storing of memories is a lifelong process. Ideally we should be sifting through them periodically, discarding the ones that are redundant and polishing the ones that tarnished over time. However, how many of us do that?

This is where exercising your mind comes in.

Just as you exercise your body to keep it healthy, exercise your mind for the same.

Train your thoughts, stretch old beliefs and cut out the flab of unwanted notions. Stay away from ingesting the unwanted calories of assumptions and avoid bingeing on late reactions. Tone up your beliefs and strengthen your will power.

The fitter your body the better your health and better the quality of your life. It is the same for your mind. 

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If not, go ahead and try to do so from today. Better late than never.

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MayTivation - Sirimiri



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  1. Wow…what a way to kick start my week with this inspirational post! Thanks, Mayuri.
    I have been indulging in exercising my mind of late! As a fauji, I keep uncluttering things with every posting but realized I have been carrying a lot of emotional baggage unnecessarily…Thus, uncluttering that too!

  2. Wow, exercising the mind, nice post. stay positive in thoughts.

  3. Yes, better late than never. Keeping your mind fit is equally important. Great post.

  4. thanks for sharing ur valuable motivational thoughts

  5. A nice thought Mayuri…I love your maytivation posts.

    1. Loved the last paragraph. Thanks for joining QuotedStories.

  6. I have big doubt how many of people take it seriously or better to say its beyond their imagination, in this so called “fast moving era” most of the people are busy to run…the increasing rate of suicide of students is the best example of unhealthy minds of parents.
    very nice post and much needed to for mental nearness.

  7. There is so much power in the lines ‘ tone up your beliefs and strengthen your willpower. Often we know these things but fail to follow out of less practice.

  8. I need it so much right now! Trying to bring a balance in my life which seems too impossible. I think exercising both my mind and body will help me! Good post Mayuri!

  9. A very positive perspective and nice though of exercising the brain.

  10. This is definitely a news to me. A good one I would say! Till now, I knew and practised “Mediation” to clam my brain and mind. After reading this post, I sure will add the exercise component to it. Thanks Mayuri for giving the diet tips for the mind. I liked the one in which you have advised to tone up the beliefs and strengthen the will power.

  11. Yes, it is important to remove the cobwebs of old beliefs, negative and unwanted thoughts and memories every now and then for our own well being!!

  12. “Stay away from ingesting the unwanted calories of assumptions and avoid bingeing on late reactions.” very well said. Assumptions often lead to misunderstandings and disappointments, that for sure is not good for health. I totally agree with what what you said about will power. Lovely post.

  13. Great. I too do exercising my mind in some simple yet mindful ways. Hope to read more tips on this from you.

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