To love a Woman #WriteBravely

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What makes a woman happy?

Baubles and flowers?

Chocolates and fragrances?

A handful of stars?

No Sir, you are wrong there, that’s not what it is.

Come with me into the mind of a woman

Because her happiness lies in this;

Trust her, love her

Care for her like she’s fragile.

Shower her with compliments, without any guile.

support her, stand by her

help her nurture her dream.

Don’t roll your eyes when she takes hours to choose her cream!

Accompany her on shopping trips, even though you may feel like a fool

when she’s drooling all over Ranveer Singh, agree with her he’s cool.

When you twiddle your thumbs, as she’s crying a river

call her mother/sister/best friend and she’ll love you forever.

When she creates a hue and cry, every time you watch your sport

point out the best looking guy in the team,

and there will be an instant rapport!

When she screams like a banshee from hell

she’s feeling insecure, can’t you tell?

Let her speak her mind, all she wants for you to do is hear.

Hear her out, don’t offer any advice, and you’ll be a dear.

When she’s fed up of household chores

take her out man, don’t be a bore!

She’ll love you like heaven, she’ll fight for you like hell

She’ll word your thoughts, even before you could tell

She’ll go to any lengths, to see a smile on your face

She’ll always make you proud; she’ll never lose her grace.

She’s a woman, what no man can ever be

cherish her, treasure her

Yours is all that she wants to be.

I am taking part in The Write Tribe Problogger October 2017 Blogging Challenge


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