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‘Interpol still on the hunt for The Magician’ read the newspaper headline.


Interpol is still on the lookout for the mysterious criminal known as ‘The Magician’ a moniker bestowed on him by the police. This name was chosen as ‘The Magician’ has never been caught, despite repeated robberies all over the world for the last 10 years.

The Magician has a pattern and strikes on the 7th of each month, surprising the police with a new location each time, in various parts of the world. The Interpol is baffled at his dexterity and cunning and suspect he is a master of disguises.

He read this with an amused smile on his face. The paper was neatly folded and left on the bench, as Sofie, in a brand new disguise walked out of the park.

Today was the 7th of the month.


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