We choose our own Heartaches #MayTivation

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The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you. You just got to find the ones worth suffering for – Bob Marley, Jamaican singer and songwriter


So, does everyone eventually hurt you? Maybe. Maybe not.

Do YOU eventually hurt everyone? Again, maybe or maybe not.


So, what happens when you imagine you are hurt? Yes, I did say imagine.

You suffer a heartache, right?

There are times when people hurt you unintentionally. Then there are times when people do not even realise that they may have hurt you. There are also times when people do not give a damn about whether they have hurt you or not. Despite which you still suffer. Rather, still choose to suffer.

Have you ever asked yourself why?

Suffering is a habit. A very addictive one at that. Imagining that you are suffering makes you believe you’ve been wronged. It also makes you feel like a martyr. And it makes you feel noble.

As I said, a very addictive habit.

Heartaches are optional. Click To Tweet

Most people don’t realise that. Your heart beats for very few, so then why should it ache for all? 

Choose your heartaches ruthlessly. Let people say or do what they want to towards you. Always remember, you are the boss of your feelings and it is you who should decide whose words and/or actions deserve a response and who and what deserves to be ignored.

Your feelings and emotions are precious. Be smart in investing them in the right people and in the right places. Be smarter in choosing your heartaches. Choose shutting out over suffering.

Make your feelings and emotions so priceless that very few and deserving people can afford them. The rest should not matter.

MayTivation - Sirimiri

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  1. “Your feelings and emotions are precious. Be smart in investing them in the right people and in the right places. ” this is such a wise Advice, but only if we make our choices smarter.
    Heartaches are inevitable but yes choosing the right reasons can make a difference.

  2. Sometimes getting hurt is not in our hands. Suffering from it or not suffering from it, is definitely a choice. And this choice rests with us! Preserve the precious feeling for chosen few, how true!
    – Anagha from Team MocktailMommies

  3. There were times when I felt hurt because of many. But now only few people have that privilege but even then, I wish no one and I mean this no one could hurt me to such an extent that I feel miserable. I wish. This is such a food for thought post Mayuri. I am waiting for you to link with Quoted Stories 12.

  4. I just wish choosing the heartaches is as easy as described in the blog post ,Mayuri :/

  5. Heartaches are optional. So true. Sometimes heartaches leave us sad but some teach us a lesson. Its all about how we take it and go about it.

  6. Very strong logical write up with practicality enriched but some time some expectations(those are time independent) become the reason for suffering, it needs time to overcome.

  7. Very well said! It’s good to value those who bring out the best in us.

  8. Such a beautiful post Mayuri. I have been complaining a lot lately and this made me understand why! Thanks a ton!

  9. I needed to read this today. So true that when our heart beats for very few, then why should it ache for all? Obsessing over the hurt and heartache does us no good. It makes sense to not get affected by people and their words easily!

  10. Sometimes when you know you have done wrong, even unintentionally, but when your closest person confronts you, it really aches. This heartache is uncontrollable. I pray to God every breath to give me the courage to accept the situation. But it takes its own time to heal.

  11. Unfortunately not many ppl have these emotional smarts. The topic you have written on is something I was mulling over as well, great write!

  12. I’ve not been the best judge of this and it has affected me badly in the past. But you’re right. One has to be selective when choosing these heartaches.

  13. Completely agree and I follow the same principle in life

  14. Your heart should not ache for all. It’s not worth it for sure. I used to think for lot of people but life has taught me to be careful

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