Your Cocoon in Coimbatore : Villas by JRD Realtorss

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Shut out the city, own a piece of tranquillity.


Roti, Kapda aur Makaan – Food, Clothes and a House, are every human being’s basic needs. With changing times, human priorities have changed too, despite which these three needs have stood the test of time and still top everyone’s list.

Food and Clothes are not a one-time buy, they can be purchased, used, and discarded with minimum guilt pangs. A house, however, is a one-time buy for most people. Buying a house is a milestone and a lot of thought, consideration, and savings go into buying one.

Desire living in a house of your own?

A beautifully structured villa designed by globally acclaimed architects and other professionals, equipped with modern amenities, and nestled in the lush green bowl of nature placed in tranquil surroundings. With cool breeze, fresh air, and various shades of the green of nature for company.

With cities getting more populated and polluted each day, people are moving away from them to live a better life, to places that have quick access to cities and are still comfortably away from the hustle and bustle of it all.


JRD Realtorss – Leading Real Estate Builders in Kovaipudur, Coimbatore, they been in the business of shaping housing dreams into concrete reality for over 25 years now.

JRD Realtorss is one of the best real estate Builders of Villas in Coimbatore and Land Promoters of Properties, who understand your need for articulately designed Villas with perfect quality.

Dreaming of owning a Villa, Residential Plot or Property? Visit their projects and choose your dream home provided by the best real estate builders.

Dr.J.Rajendran (popularly known as JRD) is the Founder and Chairman of JRD Realtorss – a company that believes in providing customers with quality and perfection. The company’s focus has never deterred from their commitment and dedication to earn the trust of customers and deliver impeccable quality every time.

Conceptualising and building villas to suit all tastes is what JRD Realtorss master in.

Choose from a range of ;

Standard Villas: Set amidst vibrant greens and cheerful surroundings, Standard Villas offer fine living spaces that feature unparalleled structures and designs for an ultra-modern lifestyle.

Contemporary Villas: Villas with current lifestyle concepts, bespoke decorative finishes and furnishings with designer kitchens and hi-tech security.

Traditional Villas: A classic traditional or period design concept carrying a royal touch. Fresh air and natural lighting.

Terrace Garden Villas: A beautiful garden overlooking the city, feel the leaves rustling in the breeze, relax in the evening silence, and watch the sun slowly set over the hills.

Private Pool Villas: These villas offer a truly unique experience. Custom designed interiors that partner contemporary luxury with hi tech functionality.

English Cottage: Countryside living modified to create larger and more elegant homes, yet maintaining the cosy comfort that is identified as cottage style.

Spanish Villa: Terracotta barrel tile roofing, courtyards, wrought iron balusters, and arched loggias bring Spain to you.

Italian Villas: Airy, casual layouts and sustainable design features to ensure a maintenance free living, efficient usage, and lasting value.


Why Kovaipudur?

Kovaipudur is located at the south-western border of Coimbatore city, next to the Western Ghats and at the foothills of the Madukkarai range in Coimbatore and the Walayar ranges in Kerala. Soothing temperature and a constant light breeze are what have given Kovaipudur its other name ‘Little Ooty’. The Tamil Nadu government has sanctioned a new additional Regional Transport Office (RTO) for the region.

Location Advantages of Kovaipudur:

Kovaipudur is known as ‘Little Ooty’ due to its cool climate and serene environment. Kovaipudur lies at the mouth of the Palghat Pass. It is a 30 minute drive from Coimbatore Airport, 30 minute drive from Gandhipuram, 15 minute drive from the Railway Station, and  10 minute drive from Ukkadam.

Kovaipudur is now under the governance of the Municipal Corporation of Coimbatore. It is well connected by regular buses and a higher number of mini buses from various parts of the city. Close to Colleges, Schools, Bus Stand, Railway Station, Shopping Centres, and more. Home is where the heart is, let yours lead you towards better living, towards JRD Realtorss.

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  1. Mayuri Nidigallu Amrita

    This look gorgeous.What is the starting range for Terrace garden villas and pool villa?

  2. These Villas in Coimbatore looks quite luxurious

  3. This looks like a perfect second home! The fact that it has good security, gives peace of mind. Will check them out.

  4. I loved the images of all the villas and man!! What a living staying in such tranquillity…thank you for sharing the details and ides of staying with nature & peace.

  5. All these villas look dreamlike. So tranquil and beautiful.

  6. I loved the way you weaved a perfect beginning for this post dear and yeah I love villas a lot. Need to save for a while to buy the one I desire.

  7. The villas look great and Coimbatore is a very good location. A very good property option for families to0 invest.

  8. Mayuri Nidigallu Lorraine

    It seems a well planned concept. The photos of the houses are gorgeous esp the 1st with the full length glass front and terrace. A friend from Tamil Nadu is planning to move back I definitely think this is worth them considering. I will pass your blog link to them.

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