The Parking Lot #FridayFotoFiction


‘Hey, Pete! Weekends suck, don’t they!?’ asked Aaron.

‘Hmmmmm…’ was Pete’s disinterested response.

‘Julie, whatcha doin’, babe!? Come closer and gimme a hug!’

‘There you go, again! Shut up, Aaron! Let me enjoy some peace and quiet!’ replied Julie

Aaron let out a guffaw, ‘Stuck up old sods! No wonder all of you are all by yourselves!’

‘So are you, for that matter…’ James piped up, amusement lining his words.

‘Which is why I am calling out to you all!’

‘Shut up, Aaron!’ Julie yelled out once more.

‘Let him be, Jules. He goes nuts on weekends, you know that!’ Pete piped in.

‘Yes, I go nuts on weekends! I hate them! I get lonely!’ was Aaron’s response.

‘Aaron, we are all parking lot pillars. We are and will always be lonely when the offices shut for the weekend.’ responded James, amusement still lining his words.

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