Welcome to India, Toys R Us !

When I received an invite for the Toys R Us stores very first launch in India I was super excited!

Toys R Us is an acclaimed American chain of stores that has aided parents and children in various parts of the world to make memories. Toys R Us inaugurated their first Indian store in Bangalore today.

It was Geoffrey’s Great Toy Party and everyone was invited!


The excitement at the venue was palpable, and very colourful, as eager children and equally eager parents made their way to the store. Peppy music lead the way and the host Geoffrey the Giraffe, the mascot for Toys R Us, was at the entrance to welcome the children and adults alike.

Sirimiri-Toys R Us-Bangalore

Colourful balloons formed an archway under which we walked into the well-lit and beautifully decorated store.

Balloons-Toys R Us - Bangalore-Sirimiri

The spacious store is divided into neat sections that are clearly named, so as to guide you right. There is a Barbie section, a Frozen section a Monopoly section a Lego section and so on and so forth.

Monopoly-Balloons-Toys R Us - Bangalore-Sirimiri

Cheerful and patient store assistants, smartly clad in t-shirts with the company logo guided children and adults and kept up with the endless demands with a smile on their faces.

Sirimiri-Toys R Us-Bangalore

Children had special treats lined up for them, spending time with Geoffrey, games and dances, having their faces painted, and eating cake.

Child-Sirimiri-Toys R Us-Bangalore
Face Painting

The tasteful display is attractive and you want to buy it all and parents will find it difficult to say no to their kids here. You’ll find toys and games for children of all age groups here along with stuffed toys, miniatures of popular figures, coloring pens, play doh and much more.

Balloons-Toys R Us - Bangalore-Sirimiri-Frozen

Toys R Us is located at;

2ND Floor, Phoenix Market City



Disclaimer: I was invited by to attend the ‘Geoffrey’s Great Toy Party’ Blogger Event. The views shared above are however my own.

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